I Made a SUPERHERO Piston House in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo builds up a superhero headquarters in Minecraft. Definitely inspired by certain famous superhero houses (Minecraft batcave, and Minecraft iron man house were the original ideas for this video!), this Minecraft piston house is filled with redstone contraptions. Large piston doors, slimeblock flying machines, Minecraft radars and all sorts.
Filming channel: rstoolss.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Andrew Wilks
Andrew Wilks Пре 8 сати
It's in the laboratory
00savageboy Rampersaud
00savageboy Rampersaud Пре 9 сати
In ships its called a sonar
Living Murphy's Law
Living Murphy's Law Пре дан
Person 1: "Hey look, the Stachsignal is in the sky! Super Mumbo! You need to save Hermitville! Again!" Super Mumbo: "Where's Poultry Man? Is he still in IskallMAN's base?" Person 1: "No. He's commited to evil now. He has become Grianos!" Meanwhile, in the city... Grianos: "Turn on Grumbot! He should be able to help destroy the city!" *IskallMAN arrives, along with the Army of Bumbos. Bumbo Cactoni shoots hundreds of cactus spikes, while Brrrumbo beams ice at the Grumbot.* *Grumbot remains unphased. It starts chanting "Get Grian" to anything it is asked.* Super Mumbo: "Grumbot! Why has my creation turned against me?" Grumbot: "Get Grian." *Jrumbot comes from behind and starts attacking Grumbot. He seems to have joined the good side.* *Super Mumbo turns around and sees Grianos standing atop the highest tower, now with all the belts.* Grianos: "They said it couldn't be done" *Grianos snaps, and Super Mumbo and Jrumbot are erased from existance.* *Grianos goes down, and grabs Iskallman.* Grianos: I am inevitable. *Grianos snaps. But this time, nothing happens. He looks, and realizes the belts are gone.* IskallMAN: "And I, am IskallMAN" *Iskallman snaps, however lacking the control Grianos has, snaps himself out, along with Grianos.* Notes: Yes, I know that Batman (and therefore the Batsignal) is DC and Thanos is Marvel. I also have never watched a superhero movie in my life, so everything from this uses information from Thanos memes. Person 1: "Wait, where's Worm Man?" Person 2: "He retired after season 5." (Worm Man is Zedaph. It actually happened in Hermitcraft season 5!)
Living Murphy's Law
Living Murphy's Law Пре дан
Mumbo: I think you can all figure out what's going there. Me: Batsignal! Or, Stachsignal! Mumbo: A rocket! Me: I've never seen a superhero with a rocket.
Trihix 5550
Trihix 5550 Пре дан
In iron man 3 there is a sene where you see tony sleeping (in a bed)
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Пре 2 дана
MEME-R Пре 2 дана
this was a really cool design! with the scanner, how you placed some note blocks down.I would love to have a brain like yours. 😁😁
king creator
king creator Пре 3 дана
mumbo: i want a rocket in my living room second floor: nevously sweating
Jiro Comendador
Jiro Comendador Пре 4 дана
Featuring tony starks base
GLaDOS Aperture
GLaDOS Aperture Пре 5 дана
As a Novice Redstoner who makes mistakes a lot, I really felt this one: 5:39.
Dark Legends
Dark Legends Пре 6 дана
Angelic Пре 7 дана
3:40 he's medbay scanning
The unstoppable Yuen
The unstoppable Yuen Пре 7 дана
Can u pls show a tutorial on how to do the redstone for the people scanning
olga urben
olga urben Пре 7 дана
Can u use command blocks for once?
andesneil Пре 7 дана
you should've put a mustache hero sign
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul Пре 8 дана
batman sleeps in Wayne manor
Peter Lind
Peter Lind Пре 8 дана
This should have beenthe new HQ for therescistance
Charles Gorgol
Charles Gorgol Пре 8 дана
Bio LEGO Films
Bio LEGO Films Пре 9 дана
Fun fact! If you place two observers facing each other you get the smallest and fastest red stone clock
Emmet Lynch
Emmet Lynch Пре 9 дана
Batman is also bride wane and super man slept with his wife
Peter Lind
Peter Lind Пре 9 дана
You should have asked Grian...
ALIFF GAMING Пре 10 дана
Toni stek.
Oscar Lundell
Oscar Lundell Пре 10 дана
Batman is a bat, he sleeps on the roof, like hangs in the ceiling with his feet.
Rawson CAMPBELL Пре 10 дана
Bimo Aryosetyo
Bimo Aryosetyo Пре 11 дана
me looking at the interior: ok that does not work your wall in soo easy to see that you didn't to that mumbo .____.
Daniel Esteiro
Daniel Esteiro Пре 11 дана
To line up a build with the hole that's above it on the first try you can just place sand on the edges of the hole and let it fall down, creating the outline of the shape at the bottom.
the memaster
the memaster Пре 11 дана
There are no other redstone experts like (or better than) you
VPnS Пре 11 дана
Mumbo Man I'm mumbo man
captain zanerf134
captain zanerf134 Пре 11 дана
the heros dont need a bed in minecraft. they'll fight the mobs that spawn for entertainment
Charlie Birks
Charlie Birks Пре 12 дана
You should have made an elevator
Daniel Dechello
Daniel Dechello Пре 12 дана
I want a rocket in my living room, something no one had ever said, but it is true
Kiendra Praditya
Kiendra Praditya Пре 12 дана
8:06 tv has flickering
wyatt rock
wyatt rock Пре 12 дана
It looks like ironmans house
Rekdgamer Пре 12 дана
Just like every building, it looks like grian did it
MasterMason Пре 12 дана
Batman sleeps on the roof
J C Пре 13 дана
I want that world seed
Wyatt Baker
Wyatt Baker Пре 13 дана
Mumbo: superhero’s don’t have beds. Seconds later: makes secret base with bed
Zach Estrada
Zach Estrada Пре 14 дана
what the hell is that seed
love nerds
love nerds Пре 15 дана
mumbo: i want a rocket in my living room... me: i want minecraft on my computer... im so pathetic... ha.ha.ha...
Sabastian Loi
Sabastian Loi Пре 16 дана
Dang, I would kind of like a randomizer in the radar to that it looks like the enemies are moving.
Joseph Higgins
Joseph Higgins Пре 17 дана
Mumbo jumbo: I put a big hole in the roof Mumbo jumbo: I'm going to shot a rocket out of it Me: you will fly ou- Oh sure I guess that works
Cameron Bolin
Cameron Bolin Пре 17 дана
11:53, he said that the rocket was the only thing going smoothly. did he forget about the front door?
Ali Hydari
Ali Hydari Пре 18 дана
mumbo: i feel like powder is not safe also mumbo: i have a giant hole in my roof that i cant close
Rachel King
Rachel King Пре 19 дана
what is the seed
Mr. Random Memer
Mr. Random Memer Пре 20 дана
A Memer has approved.
Liams Photography
Liams Photography Пре 20 дана
I defo need a tutorial of this mum I pls do one pls
Zenat Rahnuma
Zenat Rahnuma Пре 21 дан
I just built the full super hero mansion
Moreshwar Khuspure
Moreshwar Khuspure Пре 21 дан
7:13 bbp bbp bbp thing -Mumbo Jumbo 2020
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr Пре 21 дан
can we talk about how cool the terrain was behind him in the intro
Gaskin Dev
Gaskin Dev Пре 21 дан
What is this SEED!!!!????
The_Diamondback_Turtle Пре 21 дан
You just made ironmans house
Alexander Clammer
Alexander Clammer Пре 22 дана
Mumbo jumbo- this rocket is simple NASA- =(
Melissa Freed
Melissa Freed Пре 22 дана
k white
k white Пре 23 дана
How do you get out
Connor Dodson
Connor Dodson Пре 25 дана
you should make seeds for these builds
Herps Not Hate
Herps Not Hate Пре 26 дана
I want a rocket in my house Mumbo Jumbo 2020
Tyler Stoltz
Tyler Stoltz Пре 26 дана
I want to make this raising platform/elevator but can't seem to understand based on this video :/
cp rebooted
cp rebooted Пре 26 дана
just for mumbos sake i must say batman has a bed in the normal part of his mansion and sleep 2 hours a day
KrustyCrab GAMING
KrustyCrab GAMING Пре 27 дана
can u make a tutorial plz
Calin Tudor
Calin Tudor Пре 28 дана
I think im mising something Every superhero works for NASA?
Juha Maukonen
Juha Maukonen Пре 28 дана
What is the seed
Cookies Пре 28 дана
I was convinced he was a hero until he built the rocket. He’s a villian
molten mineman
molten mineman Пре 28 дана
Mumbo youre house its smaller than a shelter home
brick motion studio
brick motion studio Пре 28 дана
There isn’t an space station up there
Elder Acorn
Elder Acorn Пре 28 дана
What if the rocket placed the final block in a beacon and activated a superhero signal like the bat signal or something
Yousef zeid habes al-hamaideh
Yousef zeid habes al-hamaideh Пре 28 дана
Jonas Feliciano
Jonas Feliciano Пре 29 дана
Grian help you with the house lol
KING EXE Пре 29 дана
Someone give me the seed
CH40S GODZ Пре месец
no one: mumbo when you look away for 0.0000000000000000002 seconds "by the way im building a rocket now" me:wait what
Hermit crab 2.0
Hermit crab 2.0 Пре месец
He sleeps on the ceiling
Caleb Carolan
Caleb Carolan Пре месец
It's byocken
yes man
yes man Пре месец
Mumbo:Every superhero needs a rocket Let me rephrase that: every TERRORIST needs a missile
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Пре месец
download please
Denialz Пре месец
The house is a lot more Tony Stark house in Iron Man 2
Ninja B0y
Ninja B0y Пре месец
The radar is called sonar
Harper Nelson
Harper Nelson Пре месец
the bed is hidden
project Donuts
project Donuts Пре месец
It’s called a sonar.
Max Priestley
Max Priestley Пре месец
My guy needs to build the tower from the boys
Connor Kertesz
Connor Kertesz Пре месец
world seed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
restep Пре месец
Word of the day rockety
Ørėo! Пре месец
You have taught me more about redstone than the Minecraft handbooks have
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy Пре месец
1:30 I love how high his voice went
Sharam Namdarian
Sharam Namdarian Пре месец
In the future with the sound sensitive blocks you could make that raydar sound of motion was detected in certain locations
Modcraft Пре месец
Redstone people: *laugh*
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Пре месец
This is just tony starks house from his movies
SohhTrue Пре месец
The slabs would have been cool if they extended out as stairs
Troy Brandt
Troy Brandt Пре месец
super mumbo jumbo here to save the the rocket from crashing into the build barrier
Wolfrum Gaming
Wolfrum Gaming Пре месец
Mumbo: Hasn't seen Batman's bed. Me: Remember when Batman woke up in his penthouse and Alfred gave him alka-seltzer?
Giles Bentley
Giles Bentley Пре месец
Is it Apollo 13 because Apollo 13 is a veery cool rocket
Zoe Harper
Zoe Harper Пре месец
"you never see batman's bed" clearly he has never seen batman begins
PTV SizzledPickle
PTV SizzledPickle Пре месец
Something I find cool is that with the Sculk Sensors we could make actual WORKING radars to detect players and mobs. Edit: This idea would work well on PvP servers so you know when people are around your base. This would come in handy ngl.
Pancake Пре месец
The Batcave is literally under Wayne manor. He has a normal bedroom up there.
Slido Пре месец
aaaaaaaaaaaand its broken.
StyNana Пре месец
would you relese a download?
Griffin Koenig
Griffin Koenig Пре месец
7:06 sonar lmao
NatureLegend Пре месец
I have seen Batman’s bed 🛌
Santi Lozano
Santi Lozano Пре месец
make a FULL redstone smart house tutorial NOW! edit: please
Mining_lord Пре месец
Use netherite block you can push it and you can't blow it up
howdytoyou Пре месец
No ones gonna talk about the seed?
I_am_synth Пре месец
Bed in wayne manor Flat The list continues
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