How strong is your Minecraft Character?

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Mumbo Jumbo

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How strong am I in Minecraft? It's a question I have often wondered, Minecraft Steve can run for miles, carry tonnes (literally) of items and jump up 1m blocks like it's nothing - How strong is my minecraft character?
Turns out - VERY STRONG. Mumbo beats the marathon world record, deadlift world record, freedive world record, the swimming world record both in distance and speed, and the vertical jump world record. All within the space of 9 minutes! Hope you enjoy this slice of Minecraft Science!
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Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Пре 2 месеца
I know that LBs is Pounds guys it’s a joke blimey
Evorp Пре 20 дана
I’m fairly certain this is the last possible reply to this comment.
DaveTheBaby Пре месец
RoboPuffin Пре месец
star wars freaks gaming
star wars freaks gaming Пре 2 месеца
Mumbo in your one block house video you where crawling really slow I play on Minecraft windows 10 and I crawl really fast it’s just something I noticed
NickWasTakenTwise Пре 2 месеца
Oh few I was worried for a second
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis Пре 12 сати
Uhhhh there is also ender chests that you can put shulker boxes in
Evan Miller
Evan Miller Пре 13 сати
Everytime you say lubs or lbs it makes me laugh. I am in the US and I don't agree more
Those Rando Clips
Those Rando Clips Пре дан
Now try to beat those records without totally minecrafticle potions
Ziggy Sparrow
Ziggy Sparrow Пре дан
The cow that the steak came
Joltzz Пре дан
Why am i watching this...
Derek Johns
Derek Johns Пре дан
What about ender chests?
Nicholas Horkey
Nicholas Horkey Пре дан
LBS! 😂😂😂
Sagito Пре 2 дана
How Strong Are Lilypads then xD
Bunny Duo
Bunny Duo Пре 3 дана
Put the shulker boxes in ender chests!!
p1zza bagel
p1zza bagel Пре 3 дана
Can confirm old gen console has enchanted gapple recipe
blody desert
blody desert Пре 4 дана
You forgot the nether star im sure a star is heavier than a gold block
DJcrain Пре 5 дана
I see the joke mumbo and (no affection to you but I can stand when people say things wrong 😂 it’s pounds not lubs
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf Пре 5 дана
Armor: am I a joke to you?
girish kumar
girish kumar Пре 7 дана
You forgot about your left hand.
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 4 дана
Ya ur right(and shulkers boxes's weight)
Rosalie K
Rosalie K Пре 9 дана
Rosalie K
Rosalie K Пре 4 дана
@ST Difficult ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; I didnt know!!!!!!!
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 4 дана
bro he knows it’s joke!
Blane W.
Blane W. Пре 9 дана
try filling your inventory with chests full of shulker boxes of shulker boxes of gold blocks!
Autumn _ Mint
Autumn _ Mint Пре 9 дана
You should wear gold armour too for the fitness test!
Georgius Пре 10 дана
The cow that produced 1,4×10^9 kCal steaks:
GODZ-R-US! Пре 10 дана
lbs How many likes can this comment get?
FN_RA1DER Пре 11 дана
Please shout me out in your next vid😉
Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020
Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020 Пре 12 дана
My minecraft character has beaten every prosecutor in his path and never lost defending in a trial.
BANANA 86 Пре 13 дана
The strength isn’t even counting gold armor.
stsddsod Пре 13 дана
And we thought minecraft was realistic
Sphere Guanzon
Sphere Guanzon Пре 14 дана
If you look at chest full of gold then press middle mouse and holding down control button at the same time you will get the same copy of the chest but it has the gold inside
james beech
james beech Пре 14 дана
Minecraft cows are thic with 1000000000000000 c's
DivineArcDragon Пре 14 дана
Man thats a lot of LBs
Molly Ruhlman
Molly Ruhlman Пре 16 дана
I am American and I don’t even know why LB stands for pounds
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 4 дана
Same lol
Wesley Reeves
Wesley Reeves Пре 18 дана
I did the full math: If one of your slots is filled with an Ender chest full of Shulker boxes full of God apples, and all the rest of your slots (Including off hand) has a Shulker box filled with God apples, and you are wearing gold armor. Then you can lift 624,335,098,000 Kg. or 688,329,446 tons. If my math is correct, feel free to triple check me. Actually please do.
Wesley Reeves
Wesley Reeves Пре 14 дана
@Whanau Paitai ?
Whanau Paitai
Whanau Paitai Пре 15 дана
chek the 8th liked comment and read the replies your mind will be blown
TDLoriat Пре 19 дана
carries 2.7 billion lbs, can still do a 13 foot jump logic
Mr. Random Memer
Mr. Random Memer Пре 20 дана
A Memer has approved.
Pipachu Windows
Pipachu Windows Пре 20 дана
I died when he said LUBS
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 2 дана
david Пре 20 дана
Mumbo dumbo
Byte of Gaming
Byte of Gaming Пре 20 дана
To bad there’s already a Steve on the Avengers.
Hunter Long
Hunter Long Пре 21 дан
Off hand
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 2 дана
Micah Пре 21 дан
Using speed 2 is counted as unnatural substances. Disqualified
Mutant Mutant
Mutant Mutant Пре 22 дана
Now mumbo should try doing all this in real life. Good luck 😂😂😂
Mudkip909 Пре 23 дана
Simple MCLK
Simple MCLK Пре 23 дана
Well this vid is 1 month ago... In minecraft 1.17, there will be a new item called bundle... Sooooo.... Can we bring 64 shulker boxes that filled by 576 enchanted golden apples..? And fill our inventory with that bundle..??
ST Difficult
ST Difficult Пре 2 дана
*oof sound*
Thatguyeatspie Piepower
Thatguyeatspie Piepower Пре 24 дана
You could also calculate the weight of Gold armor based on ingot weight, and then you have even MORE weight, and if you use a Boat on Blue Ice you can move the literal fastest you can in the game unphased by the weight, and that speed with that much weight is gravity warping, but even better, when you stop, you move from max acceleration to 0 acceleration in a few frames which means in a fraction of a second you move from a very high speed to none at all, that amount of weight at that speed suddenly stopping in a collision would impart CATACLYSMIC levels of force, congrats, your minecraft character survives it undamaged, you are a god
feberchtold Пре 24 дана
the real problem with your mesuring is that you apply real time and not minecraft time to your mesurements
How about No
How about No Пре 25 дана
All this and you still die from being hugged by a friendly neighborhood green dude 🤣
Jusnoor Dhillon
Jusnoor Dhillon Пре 25 дана
so basically mumbo doesnt skip leg day.
Rylan Stelter
Rylan Stelter Пре 25 дана
Fitness is my passion
Shreyas Ghosh
Shreyas Ghosh Пре 26 дана
Rustam HALPERT Пре 26 дана
1:58 Game Thery made a vid about that
Charrles Chervanik
Charrles Chervanik Пре 26 дана
With the new update and bundles it ends up in the trillions
lord muffin
lord muffin Пре 27 дана
you can also put shulkerboxes into ender chest
Katen Voshell
Katen Voshell Пре 27 дана
Love this video! So funny!
Ineedagum 7891
Ineedagum 7891 Пре 27 дана
Big brain
Jayden Peart
Jayden Peart Пре 28 дана
mine is a epic gamer I even have laptop in Minecraft yeeeet
GOODSPEED LI Пре 28 дана
Get an ender chest involved (what if you put a shulker box with an end chest and put that into the end chest)............................. jk I don't wanna know.
Mr. Enderman12
Mr. Enderman12 Пре 28 дана
U know u can put shulker blocks in shulker blocks in shulker blocks...
Joshua Schnee
Joshua Schnee Пре 28 дана
When filling your inventory, you forgot your offhand
Webula Пре 28 дана
i love how mumbo says lbs when that means pounds
Anime Potato
Anime Potato Пре 29 дана
“What whoat wot whot.”
Slupishy Пре месец
“Lubs” lol you’re funny 😂
Star Wars Stuff
Star Wars Stuff Пре месец
Block-motion! Пре месец
Donkeys? They can carry the player with the full enchanted Apple inventory and a chest of those.
Naveen Singh
Naveen Singh Пре месец
"Lbs" lol , that's just short for pounds
veizer Пре месец
Think how much we eat in a day in minecraft
Lemon Boh
Lemon Boh Пре месец
Lubs lul
Ray Cism
Ray Cism Пре месец
Not so fast Mumbo, when you say meters per second, you need to factor in how short a Minecraft second really is. With a 20 earth minuet day, I'm sure you can calculate the that any task done in Minecraft like for example breaking a meter cubed of stone with an iron pickaxe, actually takes much longer because it has been compared to earth time with 24 hour days. I'm sure you knew all of this and I apologize for sounding like a stuck up you-know-what, just thought I'd say it
Mon Ab
Mon Ab Пре месец
Also remember your in minecraft days. so 2 min in minecraft is what 20% of a day or if google is right 4.8 hours. So your holding your breath for nearly 5 hours.
Grant Shepherd
Grant Shepherd Пре месец
So basically our Minecraft character could easily ragdoll Thanos
Miles Kim
Miles Kim Пре месец
I love these vids
RamsesXLI V
RamsesXLI V Пре месец
You can put a shulker box in the off hand and wear gold amor
Dharmesh Pradhan
Dharmesh Pradhan Пре месец
Show how to build your latest super smelter and storage silos
Bear_Obsessed Пре месец
I totally didn't click for the thumbnail
Its A Tr4p! CL4P
Its A Tr4p! CL4P Пре месец
lol 2:36 is 2 seconds worse than my breath hold record and i am a teenager
Its A Tr4p! CL4P
Its A Tr4p! CL4P Пре месец
if you are reading this ignore the time stamp
AmbientBroom665 Пре месец
thats a lot of lubs
ZebZoid Пре месец
*You would be nothing without me, literal black hole steak* No joke the science for that many calories in that space, if the material would be regular beef, would literally have a gravity strong enough to be a black hole
Justin or out
Justin or out Пре месец
One enchanted golden apple weighs 19,300 kgs by weight in gold. Mumbo's steak gave him 1,472,943,235 kcals. The calories in steak varies by cut, ranging from roughly 150-250 kcals/g. Averaging those numbers tells us there's roughly 2,000 kcals/kg of steak. Mumbo's steak weighs about 736,472 kgs, or 38 enchanted golden apples. An inventory filled with shulker boxes that are full of steak would weigh 45,814,450,176 kgs.
stupid bean
stupid bean Пре месец
L u b s
X games
X games Пре месец
his hands, lets punch trees
Gary Goblin
Gary Goblin Пре месец
It’s obvious he is the strongest person in the world, he can type in the chat to make everyone die
Balder Huybreghs
Balder Huybreghs Пре месец
You forgot to fill the offhand player slot... Also you can wear golden armor to top it all off.
HOSEK1 Пре месец
everyone is equal except technoblade he has a sharpness II fist
Thomas Kuntze
Thomas Kuntze Пре месец
0:47 I thought he was English, he said mile instead of Kilometer
Kieran Boulton
Kieran Boulton Пре месец
Even though the UK is a metric country imperial measurements are still largely used here, miles for example are still the most commonly used measurement for large distances, with kilometers used mainly for short distances
KashysX Пре месец
Mumbo: Libs
Pablo Navarro
Pablo Navarro Пре месец
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Mumbai is in godmode
Logan Rodemaker
Logan Rodemaker Пре месец
Its called pounds
Kieran Boulton
Kieran Boulton Пре месец
Read the pinned comment
Luc Donderwinkel
Luc Donderwinkel Пре месец
And remember. you are constantly jumping over 1 meter when you go up a block
Viljami Pohjanheimo
Viljami Pohjanheimo Пре месец
But you cant jump over a bloody fence xD
Domenic Petrucci
Domenic Petrucci Пре месец
Sorry did you test respiration, A helmet enchant, using boots?
Serge Popov
Serge Popov Пре месец
But how hard can you PUNCH!?!
chanda garrison
chanda garrison Пре месец
Somebody put a shirt on that man
JT Schley
JT Schley Пре месец
If Minecraft had bikes you could do the hour record
Katrina Orawo
Katrina Orawo Пре месец
Katrina Orawo
Katrina Orawo Пре месец
Elias is better
Gamerknight 101
Gamerknight 101 Пре месец
You for got shulker boxes
DynoSaw Пре месец
Steroids i mean speed potion
sherif hany
sherif hany Пре месец
I have a theory in real life an average humane head Circumference is around 22-24 but in Minecraft the head size is 50 cm³ which means that dividing all the games mesures by half is roughly the real measures compared to the real life examples, which would make more sense.
Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds Пре месец
I loves Mumbo Jumbo MJ
Cactus on a Bun
Cactus on a Bun Пре месец
Mmm yes the unit of weight in freedom units L O O B S
Juan zecaida Jr
Juan zecaida Jr Пре месец
Shulker boxes in ender chest ?
Bica Playz
Bica Playz Пре месец
3:50 to 4:15 lol
Bica Playz
Bica Playz Пре месец
From 0:00 to 0:13 same i have a diet of mostly pizza mac donalds and kfc
Sandu alexandru
Sandu alexandru Пре месец
do I need to run a marathon while carying avnnbfcgt kg to eat a stake?
Ian Loves Dogs
Ian Loves Dogs Пре месец
Who’s here when Mumbo has 6.66 million subs
Taco F
Taco F Пре месец
Steve in smash predict
Kieran Boulton
Kieran Boulton Пре месец
And what's funnier is that's he's even fitter in that.
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