Hermitcraft 7: Episode 27 - MUMBO MOVIE STAR

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo and Grian meet with Grumbot, Mumbo creates a commerical for the MUMBO FOR MAYOR campaign using the Minecraft film studio that Grumbot instructed us to build. The Jrumbot shop gets stocked with Mumbo Moustache supplies as well as Mumbo for mayor t-shirts. And the giant industrial mob farm gets built and finished. Big progress!
Mumbo for Mayor MERCH: grian.teemill.com/mumbo-for-mayor/
Jonno Smithers (The dude who made the Mumbo song!!):
Filming channel: rstoolss.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Luna Light
Luna Light Пре 5 дана
As soon as he threw the disk I got an add I was so confused for a moment
Himanish Chaudhuri
Himanish Chaudhuri Пре 5 дана
The second he chucked the disk an actual ad came up
Spike Fedora
Spike Fedora Пре 6 дана
that shape ship in star wars u mean the millennium falcon no der
Sam Cairns
Sam Cairns Пре 6 дана
At 12:45 how does he get more slabs into his hotbar without going into his inventory?
tom diy
tom diy Пре 7 дана
the big spaceships in starwars are called star destroyers
Calvin Пре 7 дана
eww i just realized witches drink from under their noses. thats kinda nasty tbh
John Untener
John Untener Пре 8 дана
ctran234 Пре 8 дана
How does grumbot work?
Shweta Baghla
Shweta Baghla Пре 9 дана
The amount of times Mumbo's said industrial | | | ↓
Abigail Aderinokun
Abigail Aderinokun Пре 10 дана
Wouldnt it be hilarious if grumbot mixed up their names and called them Grain and Oil lol
Simon Fleming
Simon Fleming Пре 10 дана
1:04 - "There's no communication, we just start off and land on each other's end-rods." 100% sounds like a closet bi guy explaining why he's late getting home so often
Nolan Van Horn
Nolan Van Horn Пре 10 дана
Don’t worry I forget too
Spinnagon Пре 11 дана
He doesn’t remember what Star Destroyers are, I will unsubscribe now.
Stephanie cronin
Stephanie cronin Пре 11 дана
A ad for some kids toy popped right up after he threw the disk and I thought it was the ad
Jesse Пре 14 дана
How high is he above the farm?
Gaming32 Пре 14 дана
12:35 Star destroyer?
Shadow Chaser0115
Shadow Chaser0115 Пре 14 дана
That kite shaped starship you're thinking of is called star destroyer
Fireblaze Пре 16 дана
star destroyer
Teeterboy 1
Teeterboy 1 Пре 16 дана
wither rose
Doggyplayer Пре 16 дана
str destrer
StarWarsFTW 501
StarWarsFTW 501 Пре 17 дана
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer from Star Wars: - roughly twice as long as it is wide - provides housing for thousands of stormtroopers - has a class 2 hyperdrive - has a hangar that can house a CR90 corvette Mumbo's roof: - a square - provides shielding from light to mobs underneath - is literally static (although it might have anti-gravity technology) - has multiple platforms that can be covered in water Mumbo: "That a kite ship from Star Wars!"
Frosty_ Lemon
Frosty_ Lemon Пре 18 дана
Right after you through the disk a Nintendo switch commercial came on 😂
jack da leggett
jack da leggett Пре 19 дана
Minellium falcon 🙄
Tulatula16 Пре 20 дана
Star destroyer jumbo
GeekyGamer Пре 20 дана
It’s a star destroyer idiot
Pizza Boi
Pizza Boi Пре 20 дана
When he was about to start the commercial, RStoolss was like did somebody say ad? XD Like so Mumbo can see
Etg Sur YouTube
Etg Sur YouTube Пре 22 дана
For withches you can use a wither rose
CyanideC3PX Пре 23 дана
No hermit challenges :(
Arsa Pradipta
Arsa Pradipta Пре 23 дана
DVDs huh? That sounds like a great idea to add in a future update
Raghav Madhusudhan
Raghav Madhusudhan Пре 23 дана
this vi=ideo was made on my brothers birthday
Dustin Jesse Balansag
Dustin Jesse Balansag Пре 24 дана
Is it just me or was there an ad when he played the commercial?
Megumin Play'n Chill Sv
Megumin Play'n Chill Sv Пре 24 дана
Lol why is always the mall disc always turned into something else
Victor Karacostas
Victor Karacostas Пре 25 дана
it's a star destroyer
AncientNoobBeast Пре 27 дана
if all commercials were like the one mumbo has then i wouldn't need an adblocker
Harry Carrington
Harry Carrington Пре 29 дана
“Star Destroyer”
Morghan Пре месец
Right as u chucked the disc for the commercial an add popped up lol
Gagan Deep Singh
Gagan Deep Singh Пре месец
@8:56 what are you doing step bro
Lief Nova
Lief Nova Пре месец
Watching this on the US presidential election day.
Xander stamp
Xander stamp Пре месец
a star destroyer
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming Пре месец
Mumbo it’s called a Star Destroyer. Btw you’re my favorite
Gautham Sajith [CLASS 9A]
Gautham Sajith [CLASS 9A] Пре месец
Are you going to become a mayor are
Didar Gill
Didar Gill Пре месец
I loooooove the comercial that u made.
PH Blaze
PH Blaze Пре месец
Ok ok when he throw the disc to show the commercial, an add poped up. Il like wth is this
confusedperson #4325
confusedperson #4325 Пре месец
Did anyone just realize that the shirt is like the "Vote for Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite
Erdi Пре месец
"Selling diamonds" More like "Buying support" Am I right?
Drift_Wood Пре месец
The X-Wing is the ship
Will L-T
Will L-T Пре месец
12:39 star destroyer
Phillup211 Пре месец
That commercial is something that I want to watch a million more times
Cole Hilvers
Cole Hilvers Пре месец
Death star
Sauron Maia
Sauron Maia Пре месец
*has an a level in maths* *needs to think about 12×10*
Keegan Bassett
Keegan Bassett Пре месец
Star destroyer
Adam Stojkov
Adam Stojkov Пре месец
Im surprised after all the effort that went into making a semi realistic film studio that mumbo didnt distance himself from the back of the green screen (doing this makes keying out the green very hard because the green from the wall reflects onto your body, which is why you see a green outline on some bad greenscreen shoots)
Owen McCourt
Owen McCourt Пре месец
star destroyer... D:
Mr Yeast
Mr Yeast Пре месец
I’m just gonna say, that is THE absolute best ad I have ever seen (I’m the type of guy that absolutely hates ads, but this one is better than a movie
Isaac Braham
Isaac Braham Пре месец
It is called a Star Destroyer
River wolf Plays
River wolf Plays Пре месец
Kite ship? You mean the ghost?
Estelle Fisher
Estelle Fisher Пре месец
It's called a starship Mumbo
- Charliexoxo -
- Charliexoxo - Пре месец
Does anyone know how to make the unloading system he did at 8:15 ? I wanna make one but I have zero knowledge about red stone whatsoever😂😂😂
Abby X
Abby X Пре месец
Why is no one talking about the fact that the emeralds in the droppers are named sub2Mumbo? It's extremely clever and funny
KarlosROs Gaming
KarlosROs Gaming Пре месец
Because he always does that with place holder items?..
TQ Пре месец
They should do there t shirts
ItzGraysen Пре месец
10:27 mumbo: I’m so glad this is mob proof Minecraft: *spider*
Max Riley
Max Riley Пре месец
17:54 Thank me later.
Hysterical Saloma
Hysterical Saloma Пре месец
11:35 why is the bee spotty??
OmegaNerd Пре месец
Fun with Hanna
Fun with Hanna Пре месец
16:05 is he in creative?😳
Bishy C
Bishy C Пре месец
He was in spectator mode
OmegaNerd Пре месец
Sairi_Taisaku Пре месец
grian's laugh tho XD
William Alexander
William Alexander Пре месец
The commercial is amazing!!!
Benjamin Botkin
Benjamin Botkin Пре месец
Star destroyer
artsy turtle
artsy turtle Пре месец
He had trouble talking about a star destroyer
le chef studios stopmotion
le chef studios stopmotion Пре месец
It was a star destroyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Axel Diaz
Axel Diaz Пре месец
stone nazi symbol in the sky
Leo James
Leo James Пре месец
I love that commercial!!!! XD
Weeb Central
Weeb Central Пре месец
Grumbot referring to Mumbo and grian as it’s dads was the most wholesome and heart warming thing I have ever seen.😭
Nahshon williams
Nahshon williams Пре месец
Rip mumbo for mayor
Marshmallow Play's
Marshmallow Play's Пре месец
Poor Mumbo
Two7 Plumbing
Two7 Plumbing Пре месец
Star Destroyer!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Пре месец
Star destroyer in case no one else has answered yet
King doom
King doom Пре месец
Your Charecter is not cool the black won is much cool with the maths
OmegaNerd Пре месец
Silence child
Dee Garbett
Dee Garbett Пре месец
After he said he was about to film the advert an advert came on and for a second I believed it was the advert he made lmao 😂
cosmo259 Пре месец
Did anyone else see a face on the roof. It was made by lights but I saw a face on the roof of the mob farm I saw it at 13:40.
Gakashi TV
Gakashi TV Пре месец
i'm a bit stressed out last couple of days, but that comercial made a smile on my face
Ayaan Sattar
Ayaan Sattar Пре месец
When he threw the mucic disk it played a real ad
Sauce Man
Sauce Man Пре месец
it ses good luck dads more fanfic was born
Angel Q Feng
Angel Q Feng Пре месец
best outro ever!
The Backyard Hound
The Backyard Hound Пре месец
Right when mumbo threw the commerical disk, I got an ad, I'm now slamming my desk
Taryn Kallie
Taryn Kallie Пре месец
The ummm kite star Wars ship? Oh a star destroyer. Triangle ship buddy. Triangle.
EVJ Playz
EVJ Playz Пре месец
petition for Grumbot to have a happy reaction
Blake Houston
Blake Houston Пре месец
12:34 Star destroyer: am I a joke to you?
Andrew LaFlamme
Andrew LaFlamme Пре месец
The roof looks like the star destroyer
grant welson
grant welson Пре месец
How does the farm work when it is almost only day on the server?
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson Пре месец
A star destroyer man come on!
Diamond Mouse
Diamond Mouse Пре месец
Also make a firework store called. BIG BOOMER
Diamond Mouse
Diamond Mouse Пре месец
The Ghost is the ship your talking about. It was an imperial ship stolen by the rebels.
1k subs without a video challenge
1k subs without a video challenge Пре месец
where did all the bows from the skeletons go
1k subs without a video challenge
1k subs without a video challenge Пре месец
12:40 millennium falcon
Amber Gardiner
Amber Gardiner Пре месец
Merilee Swain
Merilee Swain Пре месец
That thing from Star Wars is called a star destroyer 😉
Zx7Hunter Пре месец
can't help but notice there is a vote for scar poster in the commercial
Tony Tony
Tony Tony Пре месец
8:58 what are you doing step bro
E C Пре месец
As I was watching, right when you threw the music disc for the commercial. A commercial for Minecraft 1.17 popped up lol
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Пре месец
the song is really goood... could you make a fullversion of it?
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