Hermitcraft 7: Episode 24 - GRUMBOT LIVES!

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Mumbo Jumbo

Пре 6 месеци

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds the Artificial intelligence robot with redstone, and activates. GRUMBOT is now alive! Grian and Mumbo check out what it says in regards to the Mumbo for mayor Hermitcraft mayor campaign. We also do some work in the iron farm industrial district.
Minecraft villagers: rstoolss.info/long/video/0pfKmGjctI93aJw
Filming channel: rstoolss.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Sachin Singhi
Sachin Singhi Пре 4 дана
I saw unspeakable’s vid and it took like a million red stone to make artificial intelligence........ this grumbot is a cheat
Abigail Aderinokun
Abigail Aderinokun Пре 6 дана
Mumbo: I think we managed to solve our redstone problem for now The 20 stacks if redstone: Am i a joke?
Xavier Houlihan
Xavier Houlihan Пре 6 дана
This is soooo scripted.
Meme man
Meme man Пре 7 дана
Mumbo: builds walking houses, builds Paint in Minecraft designs artificial intelligence In a day Also mumbo: GuYs I'm PaRt Of ThE OnE BrAiN cElL SqUaD sO I'm GoINg To ChIld PrOoF My LaVa!
B0o Пре 8 дана
Rhett Henson
Rhett Henson Пре 8 дана
Rhett Henson
Rhett Henson Пре 8 дана
This might be the reason I watch mumbo
Not Avalible
Not Avalible Пре 10 дана
My favorite music video!
Joshua Bräsler
Joshua Bräsler Пре 11 дана
i love how every episode he gets just slightly more productive
Grumbot should be mayor
Tric Bros Studios
Tric Bros Studios Пре 12 дана
8:47 Just an idea for Hermit 8, what if instead of a mayor, there's a council? Or two councils that fight each other and everyone picks a side. Split the shopping district in half and have two bases, like now with the Mycelium Resistance and the Grass... Government? That would be awesome like an intense war. Just a thought.
TurtlePowa001 Пре 12 дана
Mumbo cracked AI in less than 24 hours
Phil Swift
Phil Swift Пре 12 дана
Who cam back here for Chirp Mumbo
Arati Dhakal
Arati Dhakal Пре 13 дана
All People rewatching out there, this is for you: 3:00 hope you enjoy! Please like!
Almighty Fortnite
Almighty Fortnite Пре 13 дана
Mumbo! It’s jungle and not oak on one side I just wanted to try to be “that guy”
Eskil K
Eskil K Пре 14 дана
For me the purpose of life is watching mumbo jumbo
Ben Shanahan
Ben Shanahan Пре 15 дана
"Do u feel down in the dumps. Well your not alone!!!" "Today I'm gonna teach you!!!!" "How to be a cool weed youtuber." "Woah phsycedelic" If anyone knows what I'm talking about we can be good friends
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson Пре 15 дана
Mumbo mining to "Chirp" is Hermitcraft's version of the "Once In a Lifetime" video.
cheap_t0bi Пре 16 дана
chirp sounds like something that would play at the end of a dark show (black mirror for example)
I_Roast_My _Toes_At_BBQ
I_Roast_My _Toes_At_BBQ Пре 18 дана
8:00 Idk how but I saw there guilotine
David Doez
David Doez Пре 20 дана
David Doez
David Doez Пре 20 дана
how much is a 3D printer
6Goldie9 Пре 20 дана
3:00 this is actually creepy..
TheBlazingDiamond Пре 21 дан
Does Grumbot use a randomizer? How does he work?
Hazel Lucyshyn
Hazel Lucyshyn Пре 23 дана
Mumbo: *stands on grumbot's eye.* *Badtimewithscar left the game* Me: *Hazel made suicide cause scar is bad now*
The Joe Pittard
The Joe Pittard Пре 23 дана
for us americans, mumbo just ate 6.6 pounds of gummy bears in one sitting
Akshay Kumar K IN
Akshay Kumar K IN Пре 23 дана
1:28 lol
TruAwaken Пре 25 дана
When will Grumbot take over hermitcraft again?
Plokiu Пре 26 дана
I wonder how the villagers feel when you call them your "Emerald factory"
Death Himself
Death Himself Пре 26 дана
Don’t be a dumbo, vote for Mumbo!
FrostDragonOf2020 Пре 26 дана
why? funny but why?
Luca Iannetta
Luca Iannetta Пре 28 дана
15:17 "Flood Mayoral Resovoir" That makes absolutely no sense, but I LOVE IT.
Uridimmu Vltozwta
Uridimmu Vltozwta Пре 29 дана
so its a magic 8 ball.
Ella KZ
Ella KZ Пре месец
Anyone who watched Stampy's Lovely World back when in the beginning had some major flashbacks to chirp.
Jaan Lira
Jaan Lira Пре месец
I really liked jumbo dancing
A.I. Gaming
A.I. Gaming Пре месец
Is no one going to mention the test message was elon musk's sons name
Mickxxl Пре месец
the fact that the test output thing or whtatever was X Æ A-12 is hilarious. in case you didn't know X (The unknown variable) Æ (Elon's elven spelling of AI) A -12 (Precursor to the SR-17 plane) is Elon Musks sons name.
Umm Yeah
Umm Yeah Пре месец
Rant YT
Rant YT Пре месец
Look i dont really understand buy Does it really give them answers Grumbot
James Price
James Price Пре месец
The music video caught me off guard ngl 😂😂😂
You want to Know my name? NOPE
You want to Know my name? NOPE Пре месец
no, the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42 thats from a book called the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
Hamsalad 21
Hamsalad 21 Пре месец
When mubot got sad ik we all said “aww” lmao
Yumitø Пре месец
7:18 elon musk son name lol
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence Пре месец
17:45 42
Camden Tellkamp
Camden Tellkamp Пре месец
Thunder Q
Thunder Q Пре месец
I love The Herimtcraft series it's so addicting
Breedsma Пре месец
2:59 is a fever dream
Orca Gaming
Orca Gaming Пре месец
I feel like everytime they're inserting the answer for grumbot in the dropper, but they want to make it seem like Grumbot is artificial intelligence for content. (Between each question there is a cut)
William Alexander
William Alexander Пре месец
Grumbot is amazing
BLAZE Gaming
BLAZE Gaming Пре месец
Did anyone see the creeper in the mayor base when they were asking grumbot stuff
Senyoro Woim
Senyoro Woim Пре месец
Mumbo; there’s no way we could lose! 4 months later:
ben mckiney
ben mckiney Пре месец
I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan so when I saw dstom I was BUY THE BIG FOUR
Ian J Banks
Ian J Banks Пре месец
Is it me or the minecraft music sounds alot like the LittleBigPlanet 2 music
1000 subscribers before march
1000 subscribers before march Пре месец
3:21 am i dreaming
Tanmay Gupta
Tanmay Gupta Пре месец
Mumbo jumbo knows more redstoning than mojang Lol
CharelZZ Пре месец
artificial unintelligence...
Lost in the Woods
Lost in the Woods Пре месец
Start a cow farm!!!!
Marshmallow Play's
Marshmallow Play's Пре месец
XD Now pigstep is out your like Now THIS is my new Jam Btw Edit : Grian Be like "BUTTONS!!!??? :D"
FatPegLegPirate Пре месец
I was really hoping the meaning of life question would be 42
Leo James
Leo James Пре месец
.e watching the music video: 😶😶😶😶😑😑😑😑
Midnightmeta the president of nr.69
Midnightmeta the president of nr.69 Пре месец
He keeps complaining about leather but never makes a cow farm
King Bobbomb
King Bobbomb Пре месец
Bobomb need a spin-off sieries
Jake Pyrah
Jake Pyrah Пре месец
When you see the creeper in their headquarters... 17:37
James Rose Jr
James Rose Jr Пре месец
How did he build grumbot?
boris nachev
boris nachev Пре месец
17:38 there’s a creeper in the headquarters LOL
put an f in the chat for every ones braincells because of the weird music thing
DemHamster Пре месец
I dont know why... I tried to not laught at Minecraft music mining timelapse!
Guy of Gamez
Guy of Gamez Пре месец
1:29 Yes
the not Mohammad
the not Mohammad Пре месец
Mumbo-jumbo was like the bullys in school but way worst look what he did LOL 1:28
LOsT_Tilom Пре месец
it's the meaning for grumbot
Kaikea Playz
Kaikea Playz Пре месец
How... how do you make that
The Joker himself
The Joker himself Пре месец
That mv was just an acid trip
Joe Olson
Joe Olson Пре месец
I've noticed mumbo is exponentially better at taking off in the elytra from season 6
Joe Olson
Joe Olson Пре месец
I personally liked the timelapse/music video.
Merc at Arms
Merc at Arms Пре месец
Move over Captain Sparklez, we got a new Minecraft Music Video King.
Cannibal Cactus
Cannibal Cactus Пре месец
Just a dot for publicity . if u wanna help out a new youtuber please visit :o
7:19 X AE A-12 is Elon Musk's son's name. Good Easter egg
Gideon Harripersad
Gideon Harripersad Пре месец
His test message tho "X ae 1- 12" lol
destroyerbacon 2.0
destroyerbacon 2.0 Пре месец
The test is "X AE A-12"
Rick SE
Rick SE Пре месец
Watching the "Minecraft Music Video" felt like I was having a mini fever dream.
Oscar Jongewaard
Oscar Jongewaard Пре месец
at exactly 17:38, a creeper has decided to chill in the mumbo for mayor headquarters.
Kyrchar7 Пре месец
21:21 maybe iskall and stress voted u
Joh Inoue
Joh Inoue Пре 2 месеца
17:41, Did anyone see the creeper in the background inside Mumbo HQ?
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake Пре 2 месеца
THE BUTTON lived for 10 episodes. R.I.P THE BUTTON
Owen Mitchell
Owen Mitchell Пре 2 месеца
17:37: there’s a creeper sitting on that porch like: “what a nice view!”
Tim De Wijs
Tim De Wijs Пре 2 месеца
17:38 creeper in the headquarters
GameKnight TDDC
GameKnight TDDC Пре 2 месеца
Good to see you with your mustache back!
TheZooBiscuit Пре 2 месеца
“Real intelligence intelligence artificial intelligence” Mumbo 2020
PlsWhy Пре 2 месеца
did anyone else notice the creeper on the moustache?
Villager Slime
Villager Slime Пре 2 месеца
Show how you made tha a I in a dif video
Villager Slime
Villager Slime Пре 2 месеца
Chirp is the best I understand
David Mansilla
David Mansilla Пре 2 месеца
Mumbo for mëhh
West Knight
West Knight Пре 2 месеца
me: struggling to make a redstone door Mumbo: I have made artificial intelligence
Person that is existing
Person that is existing Пре 2 месеца
the day the button died
wolfgirl019 Пре 2 месеца
it would be awesome if grian made a rail system to all of hermits bases.lol
untenable 21
untenable 21 Пре 2 месеца
Why does the Diamonds grow in grandma
R.T. Golgan
R.T. Golgan Пре 2 месеца
Smartificial intelligence
John Eden
John Eden Пре 2 месеца
Are we going to talk about how his testing was Elon musks baby’s name
Cool Bros
Cool Bros Пре 2 месеца
It’s a doggy robot!
Cool Bros
Cool Bros Пре 2 месеца
Omg the mineing
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