Hermitcraft 7: Episode 11 - MY FIRST DISTRICT!

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Mumbo Jumbo

Пре 8 месеци

The Mumbo Mega base has been a focus of my attention, so in today's episode we work on my first district on Hermitcraft season 7. I build districts for different types of builds, and this district is my villager district. A form of industrial district, this one involves villager trading, industrial iron farms and villager breeders are all contained within the decorative minecraft maze, and the villager head walls!
Filming channel: rstoolss.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Splattey _
Splattey _ Пре 8 месеци
Bruuuuuh, the motion blur... It's- it's- IT'S JUST AMAZING! Great job mumbo
Event Horizon
Event Horizon Пре месец
Yeah It's epic
Haashir Gul
Haashir Gul Пре 2 месеца
Cole dennis
Cole dennis Пре 2 месеца
Robert Keller
Robert Keller Пре 2 месеца
Splatter lol LMAO
James Lapthorn
James Lapthorn Пре 2 месеца
Hahahaha. Dunno why I’m replying
BennyTheNub Пре 19 сати
It’s not fair that Iskall got the good deeds. He already always does that it’s not a challenge. 🤣
Lmnvslight Пре дан
So THIS is why there were "burnstick?" Signs all over Grians stuff lollll.
Malachi Brown
Malachi Brown Пре дан
The amount of time he spends on these builds... I cant handle playing for more than 4 hours without going insane
Koamoonlight Koa
Koamoonlight Koa Пре 3 дана
Same, i had to fill a 600 by 700 block floor in one of my creative worlds
The_Tallest Пре 3 дана
that was amazing
Minecraft Or what
Minecraft Or what Пре 3 дана
Mumbo: I swear the hermits are going mad this season everyone’s just building big ridiculous bases Mumbo last season: BIG GAINT DEATHSTAR FOR STORGE
Dillon Spilker
Dillon Spilker Пре 4 дана
not a single person getts the name right
Dylan Young
Dylan Young Пре 6 дана
I like how when you realized that you accepted the challenge of placing 10000 blocks by accident you were like “OH GOD NNNOOO” then when you remembered about your plans for your base you just, did it
TheBurningWarrior Пре 6 дана
In this episode: Doc M (Rapper name: Lil Goat) invents the Vote for Mumbo Scat Song (Grumbot Song)
Richard Thickens
Richard Thickens Пре 8 дана
Skididi bop m dada
Old Swampo
Old Swampo Пре 8 дана
What was that ending???
Zoe Lea
Zoe Lea Пре 8 дана
Omg during the time lapse of the outside of the wall you can just see all of these villagers just stuck in a pool of water outside the district and I just can’t stop laughing
Cameron Stiglic
Cameron Stiglic Пре 11 дана
Alena Ross
Alena Ross Пре 11 дана
Mumbo: Didnt expect the wall to take this long... Me: 5-6 hours Mumbo: This took me 5 and a half, 6 hours. Me: I-I was kidding....
SimpleTyler1 Пре 12 дана
You guys shouldve left an item in each frame to commemorate each challenge!!!
Lucas De Ferro
Lucas De Ferro Пре 14 дана
ola mumbo,provavelmente voce nao esta me entendendo,mas obrigado,voce me ajudou muito na luta contra o tedio,obrigado, send this mesage in the google traslate
Sarp Bilge Senkardesler
Sarp Bilge Senkardesler Пре 14 дана
dude I just swa the rentheob. Is he sttil a hippie?
Sara Bunny2
Sara Bunny2 Пре 14 дана
i’m watching in november 2020 lol. i like to wait until they’ve uploaded a lot of episodes of a series until i watch it because i don’t want to have to wait for another episode so i just watch something else until they’ve uploaded a lot. though it is slightly annoying how i can’t comment anything without having to say “Btw i know this was a long time ago, but whatever.
Sigge Carlsson
Sigge Carlsson Пре 17 дана
Mumbo- its the placing of the glass Me- its called grass dude what the flip
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Пре 20 дана
i agree
Finn Timmer
Finn Timmer Пре 20 дана
I LOVE PLACING BLOCKS and i got a story behind it. My sisters and i always made really big builds together when we were bored, so while they were building the beautiful structure i was filling in the floor and walls ;-;
Pixel Playz 11
Pixel Playz 11 Пре 21 дан
Rubennn S
Rubennn S Пре 21 дан
How can you switch so easily things out of your inventory without having to press E?
Andeline Halgreen
Andeline Halgreen Пре 21 дан
you are the best builder
I came here late lol
Benjamin Parker
Benjamin Parker Пре 22 дана
comment for good algorithm stuff
satvinderkauramr Пре 23 дана
I agree to disagree it agree to agrre to disagree to disgaree to agree to disagree it agree to agrre to disagree to disgaree to agree to defity not not not agree to disagree.
Amanda O'Donnell
Amanda O'Donnell Пре 23 дана
mumbo : i seem to be taking on projects that take ridiculous amounts of time Grian taking the whole season to complete his mansion be like : Bruh
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers Пре 23 дана
now those signs in Grian's episode makes sense. XD
Frosty_ Lemon
Frosty_ Lemon Пре 23 дана
6:35 I agrre
Thekinge Dominion
Thekinge Dominion Пре 24 дана
How are you still sane?
Malachi Nadruku
Malachi Nadruku Пре месец
Anyone notice that at 10:57 ha had 48 fire rockets and then a few seconds later he only had 44
amber Fourie
amber Fourie Пре месец
4:00 is anyone going to say how satisfying watching that one tree disappear? Oh my, it was satisfying
Xx Okamii xX
Xx Okamii xX Пре месец
19:16 *"he burnt me měåťbøłļ"*
Jack Lomax
Jack Lomax Пре месец
nice faces
Heather Boehm
Heather Boehm Пре месец
Trond Lundeby
Trond Lundeby Пре месец
HyperGames Пре месец
‘’Little brain’’ is one of the best minecraft redstone users on the planet
Chris Guo
Chris Guo Пре месец
I'm also worried that mobs are spawning within the statues. Oh for lag's sake.
Chris Guo
Chris Guo Пре месец
These villager head borders are very Quirrel. It unsettles me.
jimmy hug
jimmy hug Пре месец
lol is anyone watching this over and over again
Roman Royds
Roman Royds Пре месец
Me: ya mumbo built this with no mods or cheats My sister: :O
Super G
Super G Пре месец
I agree
Nathan Fleming
Nathan Fleming Пре месец
Hermitcraft season 8: micro-bases
Jan Vafa
Jan Vafa Пре месец
Uhhh didn’t you take the level down 6 blocks to keep the iron golems from spawning outside of the farm?
YaBoiPhoenix Пре месец
"I wouldn't want to be caught without my burn sticks." I'm gonna start saying that.
All rounder kalp
All rounder kalp Пре месец
Thamizhan Gaming
Thamizhan Gaming Пре месец
6:06 glass?
Rowan Clark
Rowan Clark Пре месец
Why did he use oak leaves if he just cleared out an ENTIRE JUNGLE worth of leaves to make room for his base??!?!
Winnie the Schnoodle
Winnie the Schnoodle Пре месец
Those are villager heads? I thought it was squidward’s house.
Elliott Пре месец
I love when he said mega sode rather than episode at 1 minute
thatgamernoob Пре месец
i disagree i am the kind of person who cant really do the same thing for too long. sorry mumbo!
Scarlet Holly
Scarlet Holly Пре месец
The hermit challenges reminds me of the Canadian wedding episode of South Park. "As is tradition"
Lightbolt Пре месец
16:34 im swedish and i loved this
Its Voidz
Its Voidz Пре месец
Man and jumbo says he’s not good at building
Raymart Playz
Raymart Playz Пре месец
I agree, but I mostly taught that Minecraft is about adventure and anxiety test. But I like ya' style! Btw, I mostly taught that you're so good at redstone, and bad at decoration building.
Theodor Krey
Theodor Krey Пре месец
Orange Пре месец
He should’ve made it a factory imo
Orange Пре месец
@Digby Saunders ikr
Digby Saunders
Digby Saunders Пре месец
only 6 months late
Kursad Sari
Kursad Sari Пре месец
Congrats on 6.7 mill 🥇🏆 champ!
Just a College Student
Just a College Student Пре месец
On the village district, you should put glow stone where there isn’t leaves to light it up
v0rT3x_76 Пре месец
It’s so funny how you can spot a German everything they are speaking English
Thomas Lemay
Thomas Lemay Пре месец
Mumbo Jumbo: I can't build Also Mumbo Jumbo: See video
Lady Chocalot
Lady Chocalot Пре месец
No one: Stress: 'e bUrnt mE meaT BalL!!1!
Adam El Sokkari
Adam El Sokkari Пре месец
Nice Job!!
William Alexander
William Alexander Пре месец
I love your villager wall
Kanan .N
Kanan .N Пре месец
If i was in this server I would be so intimated
Ryleigh Murphy
Ryleigh Murphy Пре месец
Why tf this prick keeps insisting he's not a builder?? Who are you lying to?
Arcane Пре месец
Pazart RDS
Pazart RDS Пре месец
Fossy Man
Fossy Man Пре месец
George’s mad World
George’s mad World Пре месец
Dollar or quid
Anete Pulkstene
Anete Pulkstene Пре месец
*Chuffed to bits*
Jordi de Ruiter
Jordi de Ruiter Пре месец
He burned me meatball hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Angel Q Feng
Angel Q Feng Пре месец
have you ever tried to eat a clock? its very *time* cunsuming. XD LOL
Mr. Russet Potato
Mr. Russet Potato Пре месец
Unicorn Gamer
Unicorn Gamer Пре месец
I swear he goes crazier and crazier in the video
Devilcrum carl
Devilcrum carl Пре месец
Where are the diamonds mumbo iskall and grian sent of in sahara in the last episode of season 6
Qianrou Sun
Qianrou Sun Пре месец
at 4:11 on the bottom left corner there is villagers in water
Andreas Viks
Andreas Viks Пре месец
How can you get player heads?
NourElDin ElHadidi
NourElDin ElHadidi Пре месец
vines !!!!!
Simion Retardus
Simion Retardus Пре месец
wow mumbo you WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY EPIKER than me with building
Simion Retardus
Simion Retardus Пре месец
At first i wanted to join hermitcraft but now watching it is EPIK
Callie Jordan
Callie Jordan Пре месец
Two different you tubers I watch DREAM SMP AND HERMITCRAFT ones chaotic and one is organized and I love them both😂
TrashDragon Пре месец
Mumbo: GoodTimesWithScar Subtitles: Fisca TomSka?
Bean Soup
Bean Soup Пре месец
anyone else notice he called the grass 'glass'? 'it's the placing of the glass is the problem'
WhyMe Пре месец
11:26 looks like a park
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey Пре месец
I get that satisfaction, cause that's like me with wiping and cleaning, when I don't have to go really hard on a specific stain or anything and it's just like karate kid waxing motion. Edit: Wax on, wax off, that's what internet says. *Watch Cobra Kai for original cast, action and story packed awesome karate kid sequel decades later! Great characters, it picks up more all at once :)*
Mason Scogin
Mason Scogin Пре месец
the base is super cool
Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron Пре месец
Just started watching 4 days ago and ur already in my top 5 youtubers
Simion Retardus
Simion Retardus Пре месец
kinda same but i first watched him like 3 weeks then stopped watching him and now I JUST LOVE HIS CHANNEL like 5 days ago
Wijnand Ubbens
Wijnand Ubbens Пре месец
02:21 it looks like a villager that puts his vinger up
wizarding gamer
wizarding gamer Пре месец
the sun is a massive burn stick
Woof Пре месец
Nat Tompkins
Nat Tompkins Пре месец
Love the outro
Nat Tompkins
Nat Tompkins Пре месец
What would doc have done if Mumbo looked at the box of heads and just said no
shrinidhi shrimant
shrinidhi shrimant Пре месец
Hats off to mumbo Jumbo on his intense hardwork
Spiritbreaker Erika
Spiritbreaker Erika Пре месец
I am from Sweden but your jokes are to fun to even get iritated i get iritated easyle
DaffierNine Пре месец
I miss those Bumbos, particularly Bumbo Snow Balloni-- Did I spell that right?
EZ Demo
EZ Demo Пре 2 месеца
I think they look more like Squidward heads than villager heads
Stiles H
Stiles H Пре 2 месеца
At 4:00 in the bottom left he trapped some villagers lol
Benjamin Wohlford
Benjamin Wohlford Пре 2 месеца
the villager heads look really creepy from the back side
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