Building my Dream Home in Minecraft RTX

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft RTX is the latest evolution of Minecraft. This video is sponsored by Nvidia and MSI.
Grab your RTX (Ray tracing) GPU from MSI here (Mine is a 2080TI):
I start building my dream home at: 5:24
Minecraft is not known for it's beauty, but with RTX enabled, the game transforms. With accurate shadows, light rays, reflections off of shiny surfaces, beautiful water, and coloured ambient light. These are the ultimate Minecraft shaders. In this video Mumbo checks out the 5 nvidia RTX maps that were released, then builds the 'Mumbo dream home' to show what Minecraft RTX is capable of.
Minecraft bedrock edition is not the only game that supports Ray tracing, there are many other titles that are greatly enhanced by this technology.
Instructions on how to play the Minecraft RTX Beta:
- Own a Windows 10 copy of Minecraft
- Have an RTX GPU installed
- Install the latest NVIDIA Drivers
- Install Xbox Insider Hub app on PC (available on windows store)
- Click on the ‘open box’ icon in the left sidebar nav
on the insider content screen you will see a beta available for Minecraft for Windows 10, click this & choose join
- A pop up will appear with 3 radio buttons, choose the one for ‘Minecraft RTX Beta’ & click Done
- Update Minecraft Windows 10 (If you have automatic updates on, this will happen automatically)
- Launch the game & head to the marketplace. Search ‘RTX’ to download a selection of free creator-built worlds
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Couch Potato
Couch Potato Пре 16 сати
smooth as me pappys bald head!
Nate Moorman
Nate Moorman Пре 2 дана
Ultra stupid that rtx isn't on Java
Kuutti Estlander
Kuutti Estlander Пре 2 дана
Does 1050ti have raytracing?
I will defeat I will help Justin Y
I will defeat I will help Justin Y Пре 4 дана
Well theres the rtx 3080 and it shreds the rtx 2080 ti
sushanth H
sushanth H Пре 5 дана
java have rtx and shader
Lines Пре 5 дана
I want to see it without rtx
BTGamingMC Пре 8 дана
9:25 real torture watching
Ookidablobida Пре 8 дана
Ah yes the smoothest substance known to mankind: b o w l i n g b a l l
NebulaGaming Пре 9 дана
Will minecraft RTX work with Nvidia RTX 2060??
Benjer Solomon
Benjer Solomon Пре 11 дана
Oh, so you got an RTX? *Name every RTX GPU.*
Rayden Lara
Rayden Lara Пре 11 дана
4:12 Ahhhh, lol
Ari Hirsch
Ari Hirsch Пре 13 дана
Bedrock edition is generally smooth gameplay
ImRainPlays Пре 13 дана
To make the campfire stom the smoke just shove like 3 barriers on top of it, also there is a barrier you can walk through called structure_void but to water its just a normal solid block
Ali squad
Ali squad Пре 13 дана
personally the house is awesome
Ali squad
Ali squad Пре 13 дана
your the best
threadripper Пре 13 дана
i used my titan rtx and threadripper 3960x in Minecraft rtx and it was awesome
Rave Laurence
Rave Laurence Пре 14 дана
Imagine if jacksepticeye plays minecraft with rtx all he would be talking about is the reflections
Jacob Petersen
Jacob Petersen Пре 14 дана
I have this and ITS AWESOME
Thedarkbunnyrabbit Пре 16 дана
smooth as a baby's bottom is the usual phrase.
Caleb Dees
Caleb Dees Пре 16 дана
Mumbo says that he is not a good builder, yet his hermitcraft house is beautiful!!
Frits De Jong
Frits De Jong Пре 16 дана
Wow i want this in java...
Lachlan Smith
Lachlan Smith Пре 17 дана
Build that House on Hermitcraft
BaldFox Пре 17 дана
ight let me grab my intel celeron
Leo Larson
Leo Larson Пре 17 дана
You should use this with a hyper realistic texture pack
OnSeruTiri `
OnSeruTiri ` Пре 17 дана
y r you on bedrock
harsh Vasani
harsh Vasani Пре 17 дана
Bro this is not rtx
pedro benito mestre
pedro benito mestre Пре 18 дана
Does it work in consoles?
jake smith
jake smith Пре 21 дан
do you have to buy it
jake smith
jake smith Пре 22 дана
i would really like to try this
Vøn Aürëä
Vøn Aürëä Пре 22 дана
Woooooooooow (⭕_⭕)
Windows 10
Windows 10 Пре 22 дана
Hint: Geforce GTX is short for Geforce -Gay- Tracing
I W Пре 23 дана
why is RTX so *satisfying*!
That B***h carole Baskin
That B***h carole Baskin Пре 23 дана
You are wrong sir, Mincraft is Beautiful, beautifully Ugly♥️😍
Colourful Panda
Colourful Panda Пре 23 дана
Rtx - smooth as trumps brain
Jul Jul
Jul Jul Пре 23 дана
Sulayman Samir
Sulayman Samir Пре 24 дана
who else wants to have a tour of the hermitcraft server with RTX on
FireBlaster 08
FireBlaster 08 Пре 25 дана
Blow my mind Hmmm....... *Mincraft RTX is just Java shaders on steroids*
BETTZA Пре 25 дана
yeah, its good preformance (like $1,000 graphics card)
Simon Street
Simon Street Пре 25 дана
Appreciate the attention to detail in minecraft.. 🤔😂💎
BÜYÜLÜ AVCI Пре 26 дана
seus ptgı e12 much better
{Willow_'.'studios} Пре месец
99.9 persent of ppl didnt notice the glowstone slowly lights up
{Willow_'.'studios} Пре месец
Dude u stole my wold i have that exact layout on my creative house that i never finshed ○•○๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑ ๑•̀ㅇ•́๑
Julian the inventor
Julian the inventor Пре месец
You are better at building then I am
Lincoln Faht
Lincoln Faht Пре месец
Mumbo: “Absolutely mega.” Iskall: “Nay. OMEGA.”
KillerStash Пре месец
Toobad Its bedrock edition
Destroyedpuppy3000 Animations
Destroyedpuppy3000 Animations Пре месец
Once I get my new PC. I want a USB like that... (Edit) I think it’s not a USB
Gaming With Luke
Gaming With Luke Пре месец
Photo Realism: 1 Star RTX: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Stars Lol
TheHexpert Пре месец
snap!!!!, we have the same gpu
Squid Mcmuffin Squid
Squid Mcmuffin Squid Пре месец
It's pretty cool!
Theostillplays Пре месец
When I think of minecraft the first thing I think of is redstone blocks and useful redstone contraptions
Alicorn Eliana
Alicorn Eliana Пре месец
send this to grian he will love it
Game Plays
Game Plays Пре месец
This is basically BSL shaders but breaks your computer
Balaram Chakrabarty
Balaram Chakrabarty Пре месец
3:44 The light beams coming from the ceiling is why I say that Minecraft RTX is beautiful but not realistic.
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
Looking at the comment section I'm starting to think that hating bedrock edition is cool
Bruce Ice
Bruce Ice Пре месец
This is just my opinion but I think that you should have used the the blue and magenta with your red in the room
Kyle Flora
Kyle Flora Пре месец
can u make a video of how to make that house? Its nice
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi Пре месец
Yay me on xbox will finmaly get shaders
Tentrilix1 Пре месец
Too bad bedrock has payed content instead of free stuff and no mod support as far as I'm aware. Also bedrock is C++ which infinitely better than java for game Dev. Oh well... Java it is
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
The only reason bedrock has paid staff is beacuase the community wants to, also, there is free staff, and the mod support is better than java, but don't worry, it's not you fault not knowing this, you know, hating bedrock is the cool thing, I guess
Trevor Howden
Trevor Howden Пре месец
It looks like a minecraft map in a next gen game. Like minecraft in a game that isn’t minecraft.
Peter Rezkalla
Peter Rezkalla Пре месец
cool man
cool man Пре месец
I know it has been 6 months but disco floor🤔 please
JJ CK Пре месец
Bra I'm drooling over water
Francesco Cangemi
Francesco Cangemi Пре месец
Mumbo, sliders shaders does this
Damien's Tablet
Damien's Tablet Пре месец
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! You are such a good builder! I mean maybe it’s just that I’m a terrible one but either way I really like the things you did with that house design! I wanna have that sort of creativity too
Amelia Ring
Amelia Ring Пре месец
Get Grian please
Amelia Ring
Amelia Ring Пре месец
So... beautiful
Math SuperCat
Math SuperCat Пре месец
2:27 ok the lighting is broken there
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
Because the boat
Regneer Ross Caampued
Regneer Ross Caampued Пре месец
Nobody: Gordon Ramsey if he plays minecraft: 4:48
F00RMX Пре месец
Someone make a tutorial on how to build this house
the adissons
the adissons Пре месец
The first time shaders gave me satysfying vibes
manuel escudero berdino
manuel escudero berdino Пре месец
No, you talking about reflections is not boring.
REAL1CLARK Official Пре месец
Mumbo jumbo: im not a builder also him: Me:cant even correct the door positions
micheal warren
micheal warren Пре месец
I love you got paid for this but I've seen optifine shaders do the same job on laptops with a Core i7 1065g7 and a mx 250 with a sustainable 60fps
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
That's technically imposible, I get that a laptop can run shaders, but shaders are a lot inferior to rtx, basically because shaders are like an illusion
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea Пре месец
if he got paid he would have to say he got paid. If not it's illegal :/
ching Chong 100
ching Chong 100 Пре месец
It kinda sucks that I have ps 4 and wii u mine craft but not Java edition
CactusBert Пре месец
Those are called the bedrock Edition of Minecraft which supports ray tracing. Your Wii and ps4 won’t be able to use it tho, you’ll need a pc or console powerful enough to run rtx.
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham Пре месец
At first i thought the "arm" was a battery
infinite_ trouble
infinite_ trouble Пре месец
this will never beat the bsl shaders from java, -lighting is better -shadows are better -performace is ok for shaders -able to run on a patato (these are just a few features of BSL) do u agree?
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
No, its imposible for shaders to be as good as rtx, also I love that you said java runs better
infinite_ trouble
infinite_ trouble Пре месец
yes ik im replying to my own comment lol, cuz i can
Raman Naik
Raman Naik Пре месец
The water is just ahhhhhhh so beautiful like this video if u also think so supporte himmmmmmmmm supporte the big brain
Comae Spaldon
Comae Spaldon Пре месец
“Me wanting to not do redetone” *who are you and what have you done with the real MumboJumbo*
King Envy
King Envy Пре месец
8:59 looks like a minecraft poster
Bobby Aveni
Bobby Aveni Пре месец
Do you think raytraced MC could come to next gen consoles?
ABZ famjam
ABZ famjam Пре месец
Building house at 5:44
CryoNitric Пре месец
'gr off' please. Anyone? Dont get me?
Aryan Gill
Aryan Gill Пре месец
Can java support it
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
Liviston Peripeciass
Liviston Peripeciass Пре месец
Aaaaff tá em inglês
Peter Walton
Peter Walton Пре месец
why are you on bedrock???
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
Becuase rtx it's exclusive to bedrock
samodeus Пре месец
I love that RTX bedrock runs better than optifine java 😆
Wxrped Пре месец
Rx 570 gang
Captain Wacky
Captain Wacky Пре месец
How did you make your own world with RTX that wasn’t a template?
Alita Пре месец
fun fact unless you've already figured it out yourself; you can bring Raytracing into your own survival worlds, you don't need to play on pre-made maps anymore!
Xion Davis
Xion Davis Пре месец
It's beautiful... 💧
cactus moment
cactus moment Пре месец
Wow, Mumbo got sponsored by MSI! Sanjar has to have been impressed!
Elijah Van Randwyk
Elijah Van Randwyk Пре месец
I need to get rtx
Target_edge Пре месец
even my pc is dying while watching this
h Пре месец
It horts my eyes this rtx
Renjestoo Пре месец
looks nice... but will it blend?
Jhon Josef Caluya
Jhon Josef Caluya Пре месец
Try making Redstone builds in RTX Mumbo: nope nope nope very much nope
Me: downloads a sharder mod People how pay $1500 for a card: why me
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan
Alberto Raul Giurea Raducan Пре месец
Laughs in 200 chunks
sillysuperman99 Пре месец
Ew bedrock
Stampy craft
Stampy craft Пре месец
That's why bedrock brrr
Kyler Fischer
Kyler Fischer Пре месец
if you want the best raytracing git a 30 series graphics card 3070 or 3080
RTX Finally Has a Reason to Exist: Minecraft!
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