25 More Tips for Minecraft you might not know

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25 Tips for Minecraft you might not know: Minecraft is a game that has no rules, and no real instructions. There is no PROPER way to play the game, but this video should give you a handful of Minecraft tips and tricks that will make you become a better minecraft player. This video is essentially a guide on how to be a good minecrafter, and it should make you much more efficient!
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Gabriel Osuna
Gabriel Osuna Пре 3 сата
When building with a block and your hand runs out of that block but you still have more in your inventory is there a way to refill your hand instantly without opening your inventory?
tage animates
tage animates Пре 13 сати
I have that problem so much
L Sch
L Sch Пре дан
I hate the x in java because I will be in creative and click twice and oops! I lost my entire inventory. Always keep copies of your stuff guys!
Gaming turbo
Gaming turbo Пре дан
My shulker boooooooooox
Blue Berry
Blue Berry Пре 3 дана
An 11 year old had to tell me that you can repair armor with other armor in a crafting table so...
David Petti
David Petti Пре 3 дана
Lets pop out of the nether. Lets pop into the nether
Siddharth C
Siddharth C Пре 4 дана
i did run into the ender chest problem
yrwaxdoll Пре 4 дана
OK, someone needs to make an Apocalypse Now/Minecraft mashup trailer, beginning with a screenshot of 4:06.
Alan Jones
Alan Jones Пре 6 дана
Can you build on the top of the of the nether anymore
Shirokröte Пре 4 дана
Logic Cake
Logic Cake Пре 6 дана
You are really lucky java players cus us bedrock players can’t build on top of the nether
potatochip factory
potatochip factory Пре 7 дана
Ok can someone explain afk. I... I’m not the smartest cookie here okay?
Shirokröte Пре 4 дана
Away from keyboard Not playing but still running the game, essentially
Juno Wallén Ahrné
Juno Wallén Ahrné Пре 7 дана
I hav placed a chest underneath a shulker box.
Yahya Sindhi
Yahya Sindhi Пре 9 дана
Derek Albert
Derek Albert Пре 10 дана
You can drink night vision and fire resistance you’ll see way better especially if you use 255 night vision
Naushad Waqar
Naushad Waqar Пре 11 дана
ok y command blokcs i already materd them i was expecting redstone
Moodlethenoodle Пре 11 дана
Controller players: .........
JakeyDude Пре 12 дана
Why Mumbo uses a diamond sword instead of using a netherite sword
Tobias Hesterberg
Tobias Hesterberg Пре 13 дана
Just a quick tip I figured out last week. I don't know if it could be useful or not but here it is. If you are in the nether and need a furnace but forgot cobblestone you can craft a furnace from Blackstone. And if you forgot wood as well there are These nether trees(forgot what they are called)you can make crafting benches from that wood and burn those. I think I used the crafting benches because the would in it self cant burn
DANNY Gamer Z Пре 13 дана
Congratulations mumbo lost my netherite block😂🤣😂🤣 What did it cost?2 stack's of tnt
Laurence Hartnell
Laurence Hartnell Пре 13 дана
Anyone notice the the world title at- mmmmmmpppphhhh *is suffocated by mumbo*
Eli Martin-Harker
Eli Martin-Harker Пре 14 дана
The rain is only good if you Have a riptide trident so you can go yeet
Megas Minecraft world
Megas Minecraft world Пре 14 дана
Same with lava I’m just not smart Enough To tp to the specific place in lava I knew u could see because when ever I go in I see that also u can do it in water too just a saying
Megas Minecraft world
Megas Minecraft world Пре 14 дана
The shucker thing. I was about to answer in the comment section but then u say it mumbo and I’m like I feel so dumbbbb😢lol
IMP Reaper
IMP Reaper Пре 15 дана
scrolr mumbo 2020
Laui Schutter
Laui Schutter Пре 15 дана
When u press F3 u litterily see: 'Heading north' or 'Heading south'
cheese grater
cheese grater Пре 16 дана
"use slimeblocks all the time until you run out of space, then it's time to deploy the slimeblocks"
Dime Gamerz
Dime Gamerz Пре 16 дана
when i did that mouse heck without watching your vid my mouse scroller broke
AB Farrow
AB Farrow Пре 16 дана
I think you should grow a mustache and dye all your hair black.
Redwolf 34
Redwolf 34 Пре 17 дана
Remember when Minecraft PE was free
StarfruitGamer123 Пре 17 дана
Me who plays on PS4 :(
Dean Пре 17 дана
11:20 I am that person that's been playing MInecraft since 2012 and didn't know that...
Sammy R-Lopez S.S.S -Sapphire Safari Studios
Sammy R-Lopez S.S.S -Sapphire Safari Studios Пре 17 дана
8:44 He’s... ONE PUNCH MAN
MysticalRyanPlayz Пре 17 дана
2:57 Minecraft version of iron man no i said real iron man no REAL IRON MAN thank u Only people who watch mc memes know that
Taylor Пре 17 дана
accualy yes i was putting a shulker box on top of my storage system (with chests) and could not open the chest 2:24
Dudhhr McDudhhr
Dudhhr McDudhhr Пре 17 дана
Did you really suggest using sunflowers for direction finding? Why? JUST USE THE F3 MENU
AlfaStrategist Пре 17 дана
2:24 Actually, usually having an End Chest full of Shulker boxes it happens more often than I'd like to admit.
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Пре 18 дана
Jenna Mattern
Jenna Mattern Пре 18 дана
Ty for the scaffolding one my friends are gonna be so confused and I love phantoms so much. They are my favorites. I'm the one person who didn't know about the shift delete.
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Пре 18 дана
LOL I actually had the shulker box on ender chest problem LMAO
Among you
Among you Пре 2 дана
U can't you will open the chest you need to crouch
Erwyn Puynen
Erwyn Puynen Пре 2 дана
@LuisR965 uh.. yeah you can haha.
your humor is shit
your humor is shit Пре 3 дана
dont write lol and lmao in all caps its just cringe
LuisR965 Пре 8 дана
@Shadow CZE u can't
Ziggy Sparrow
Ziggy Sparrow Пре 8 дана
@Shadow CZE yeah indeed
Max Wheatley
Max Wheatley Пре 19 дана
Was the last one a joke? I didnt know the last 2
Selviox Пре 19 дана
Does anyone remember when you made a new creative world it would already give you the basic stuff to build stuff
Samko Zamboj
Samko Zamboj Пре 20 дана
u can use command /attribute instead of /effect its better without particles
zackery Coutinho
zackery Coutinho Пре 20 дана
Mumbo builds on nether roof me *cries in bedrock*
Michael Loertscher
Michael Loertscher Пре 21 дан
You can also just go into f5 mode to look under the lava instead of teleporting to the right place
pink alien queen
pink alien queen Пре 23 дана
is the nether just some dreamland we enter into a nightmare?
vishal gupta
vishal gupta Пре 23 дана
Pls tell how to do save inventory in minecraft java
vishal gupta
vishal gupta Пре 23 дана
For switching between gamemodes F3+F4
Krafty Kittenz
Krafty Kittenz Пре 23 дана
Came for the tips, stayed for the humour. ❤ Subscribed ❤
Minecraft Dude
Minecraft Dude Пре 24 дана
Ajax Bananas
Ajax Bananas Пре 24 дана
For a minute I actually believed you. I paused the video with the intention of trying it. But then, before I opened the game on my switch I thought: this is gonna be another wall trick isnt it? Went back here and bam I've been bamboozled (and no this comment wasnt an excuse to say bamboozled)
Bao xue Zhang
Bao xue Zhang Пре 24 дана
Why is the last one always fake?
Leo Larson
Leo Larson Пре 26 дана
I just realized that when Mumbo tries to recreate a one tick pulse he could just put a lever on the side of a piston
Silly Kitty
Silly Kitty Пре 29 дана
I do think they should make neatherite plated Schuller boxes
Mithrandir Eärendur
Mithrandir Eärendur Пре 29 дана
I have run into that very specific enderchest and shulkerbox problem. I was making an ender farm and brought both to the nether and didn't want endermen to spawn on them so I have a two block high space capped with leaves and that's where the shulkerbox and enderchest went.
Crimson Dino
Crimson Dino Пре месец
Watch Hermitcraft season 7 ep 32
VideoGame Void
VideoGame Void Пре месец
java players:advanced in game time Bedrock players:always day
Oloo's Пре месец
I did
shikha parashar
shikha parashar Пре месец
0:50 how is he in his hermit craft season 7 base...?
Lady.Whatever Пре месец
7:13 OHHHHH THAT'S WHY I have been trying to get phantom membranes but I was staying in my house and wasn't getting any... Contrary to when I go creative and build stuff
Pandy Пре месец
I play minecraft far more as a normal Mumbo Jumbo
Loren Wilson
Loren Wilson Пре месец
Can we get a true autocrafting block that would take inputs from hoppers, craft it per the recipe you input, and then send it into another hopper for storage?
Alfred Mena
Alfred Mena Пре месец
7:20 Didn't know about the three-blocks-between aspect. Lost about 130 levels and much of my full diamond gear not too long ago from attempting to mine by beds :(
Joker Gaming
Joker Gaming Пре месец
I did not know the shift click on the X after years of playing! Thanks mumbo!
Niko Andrew
Niko Andrew Пре месец
I’m the one person who didn’t jnow the thing with destroying the items
Niko Andrew
Niko Andrew Пре месец
ThatWatsonGuy Пре месец
I actually encountered that exact problem and accidentally found the same solution with the Shulker on top of the chest xD
Seed Пре месец
noah adams
noah adams Пре месец
where is the breaking bedrock link
MineSlimeTV Пре месец
I still do not know what even is this hermicraft. All I know is somehow you guys create such giant massive things and you did it for so long and with many series, but is it a mod pack? Or just a cool name?
THEL 05 Пре месец
1:52 Dream knows it
Kod Adı: Oyun
Kod Adı: Oyun Пре месец
if you do the time a million then it will be forever
Jaira Thunggaltirta
Jaira Thunggaltirta Пре месец
As someone who's been playing minecraft for years I can proudly say I had no idea you could clear your inventory like that.
Shaopi Пре месец
Kanomore Kenten
Kanomore Kenten Пре месец
2:30 I actually did have this situation but bedrock edition soooooooo yeah...
Kgill100 Пре месец
“I place my portals above the nether” **cries in bedrock**
x êvïl slÿthérìn patato x
x êvïl slÿthérìn patato x Пре месец
Ok, hello! This video will decide whether or not I play minecraft. I will be commenting my thoughts.
Stein Gaming
Stein Gaming Пре месец
11:30 yep that's exactly me
CreeperBoyGaming Пре месец
Mumbo life hacks: *exists* Bedrock edition: am I a joke to you?
Nikora Rumble
Nikora Rumble Пре месец
2:29 this has happened before to me
Atrez Пре месец
Harry Potter sees the floating carpet “DUN DUN DUNNNNN”
Gabriel Ovnanian
Gabriel Ovnanian Пре месец
He has 100 levels
I like Gary the axolotl
I like Gary the axolotl Пре месец
I saw all of your the episodes of hermitcraft 7
Da toppscff
Da toppscff Пре месец
1:36 2b2t
Cryptic_ Nuggets_
Cryptic_ Nuggets_ Пре месец
I did not know the shift cross in the inventory I’ve been playing for 1 year
Shaikh Noorajahan
Shaikh Noorajahan Пре месец
dream use that trick 1:47
Edlaven Пре месец
I have dad that problem
Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook Пре месец
I had no idea you could shift click the destroy item button
Darold Carold
Darold Carold Пре месец
Mumbo: I expect no comments Also mumbo: has 9K comments
Minecraft PE Creeper TEM
Minecraft PE Creeper TEM Пре месец
the ender chest under shulker box happened to me
Naveed Nawwaf
Naveed Nawwaf Пре месец
tbh, i was thinking he could use slimeblocks and scaffolds
Laughing Flowers
Laughing Flowers Пре месец
me being that one person, omg!
Tekuron Пре месец
The first two seconds are like, Bruh
Md Kamrujjaman
Md Kamrujjaman Пре месец
It's more uselesssss
elliott foster
elliott foster Пре месец
11:24 im that one person
Ian Crone
Ian Crone Пре месец
I can fly through a wall... if I fly fast enough? *Ferb! I know what we're doing today!*
Riddle Games
Riddle Games Пре месец
Mumbo: can toggle game rules before world is made Xbox players: laughs
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Пре месец
i don’t even play video games why am i here
Lili Bella
Lili Bella Пре месец
can somebody make a version of this for bedrock?
Aubrey Mack
Aubrey Mack Пре месец
Nobody: Mumbo: yea I’m built different
wtf is that
wtf is that Пре месец
hermitcraft episodes have more views than 25 tips and tricks.... that's because we love mumbos personality!
Blake Steinert
Blake Steinert Пре месец
i have run into the shulker box thing
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