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Ender King 072
Ender King 072 Пре 23 сата
My brain can't understand this
エロすぎる Пре 23 сата
A million views in just a day. Holy Mac and cheese how much successful can the Bumbo be?
robert vancek
robert vancek Пре дан
robert vancek
robert vancek Пре дан
Mumbo some ppl are meming u one i saw today :show me the real mastermind (shows the mastermind) i said the real one (shows big brain) (shows u) perfection
Skum Diggery
Skum Diggery Пре дан
Now create a solvable rubik's cube
Derick Bokhary
Derick Bokhary Пре дан
What about a self building and self hiding redstone house
XyCorePH Gaming
XyCorePH Gaming Пре дан
Java edition is way better than bedrock but i not play java anymore cuz my minecraft is not opening
KaddyD Пре дан
create mod smp when???
Itz • Nuclear
Itz • Nuclear Пре дан
Try out cocricot mod
Detective Trash
Detective Trash Пре дан
Mumbo "Hidden base" Me "time to mine!"
Tommy Dancer
Tommy Dancer Пре дан
I wonder if it would look cooler if you had it rotate up in quadrants 90* at the same time, and had it come together at the top and bottom only....
Real ZKLhs
Real ZKLhs Пре дан
Self burrying house in minecraft
ryn milo
ryn milo Пре дан
I know this is an older video but I didn't see any comments answering the vegan question! I'm not a perfect vegan by any means, but I do play minecraft (and other games) as vegan/vegetarian as possible! I won't even kill cows for leather 😭 and I'm fully aware of how ridiculous that is bc they're just pixels at the end of the day but stiiillllllllll
mcplayer220loll Пре дан
They made creative made for mumbo jumbo and survival for dream
Orange Пре дан
So it's a mickey mouse clubhouse?
Veerpalkaurbrar Brar
Veerpalkaurbrar Brar Пре дан
Mod name plzz tell
Kori Kende
Kori Kende Пре дан
And just like that. Were back to the create mod videos😂
Nullify Пре дан
To unbuild the house he, could've just used tnt.
Ali Kumail
Ali Kumail Пре дан
Mumbo long ago: building house is cool Mumbo later :building house is boring self building house are cool Mumbo now: who needs a self building house when you can have both self building and unbuilding house
Tryon Time Gaming
Tryon Time Gaming Пре дан
You know, I'm pretty sure I saw this house in a Scooby Doo episode once
Ali Kumail
Ali Kumail Пре дан
This gave me an idea to build titanic in there instead of a house
Pineapple Пре дан
I just started minecraft survival mode. now wth is this?
Sven Пре дан
I miss the intro
Jit Пре дан
Mumbo jumbo is genius 🎂🙌🙌🙌
E_ Motion
E_ Motion Пре дан
You cant call it self building if its already built
SJ218P Пре дан
Eric Walker
Eric Walker Пре дан
I did a simpler smaller version using a zero tick bamboo auto farm as fuel
Maddie Пре дан
Since Hermitcraft S7 is winding down, imagine the redstoners doing a mini-joint modded series with things like the create mod! Seeing what Mumbo and Doc and Tango and Etho could all make in the same small modded world!
Isaac Steele
Isaac Steele Пре дан
You Java people really have it easy.
LizaAliWasHere Uwu
LizaAliWasHere Uwu Пре дан
*"Anatomic lolipops"* **Dies**
Thomas Birch
Thomas Birch Пре дан
Hermit craft big base society
Mr. P
Mr. P Пре дан
Fun fact: he is going to buy a new Mic in few years
Bl4ck C0br4 gaming
Bl4ck C0br4 gaming Пре дан
SALMON king Пре дан
Dude this mod is awesome! Keep it up
Luka Radman
Luka Radman Пре дан
Me who try copy my friend's homework His homework:
no name
no name Пре дан
For this you need dream 🤣
Cryptocite Пре дан
Me with a pickaxe: your efforts are inconsequential
Justus Berger
Justus Berger Пре дан
Why isnt he using linear chassis?
Legoman Mik3
Legoman Mik3 Пре дан
12:42 who else sees dome enchanted netherit chillin on his base
Savanna Rae
Savanna Rae Пре дан
So I was recently playing on a realm, mending my netherite gear on the anvil with netherite ingots. My nephew and his friend are freaking out thinking Im "flexing" and I had no idea the addition of mending added another way to mend gear. All the wasted diamonds and netherite...
Lion GuardianCZ
Lion GuardianCZ Пре дан
what is this working blocks? This is mod?
Samuel Asp
Samuel Asp Пре дан
Can you please make really secure prison wich has much redstone in it
mumbo jumbo hemitcraft
Jagielski Gaming
Jagielski Gaming Пре дан
I need more coffee. Read the title as "Dream hid my base in Minecraft", which would be a completely different video.
surphmespicy Пре дан
alternative title: my forbidden hidden dream base in minecraft
Mariechen Пре дан
this as a survival lp would be amasing!!! pls do it mumbo!!!
Eesa Playz
Eesa Playz Пре дан
Your good at maths
Kamil Ryyan Bin Sarizal Yusman
Kamil Ryyan Bin Sarizal Yusman Пре дан
Mumble the first one did not work
Katie Пре дан
me: imma build this :D My red stone skills: Hahahaha! no you're not!!
Jachii Пре дан
Cryosthesia 77k
Cryosthesia 77k Пре дан
You should work with a couple of redstoners and start an smp with this mod. I think it would be really fun to watch
Ñatick Plays
Ñatick Plays Пре дан
If You Get Good FPS With Optifine On Fabric There Is A Chancd You Will Get More With Sodium, Lithium And Dynamic FPS On Fabric Theres Also A Modpack For That (Not By Me) Called FPSPlus
IsaacHasABucket Пре дан
1:24 I like how he doesn't react until the piston stopped
KubaIceCube Пре дан
I have created some spin Mumbo-jumbo 2021
Jonar Brands
Jonar Brands Пре дан
this is why i love the create mod
Greg Baraks
Greg Baraks Пре дан
this could take your “pop up shop” idea in early hermit craft s7 to a whole new level.
Zakutajin Пре дан
Bruh if you wanna play minecraft you gotta have balls to do stuff
Michael Lubbe
Michael Lubbe Пре дан
It's the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Come inside, it's fun inside🎶😂. Also, I would absolutely watch a modded survival series if you made one.
Photo BeeYT
Photo BeeYT Пре дан
Nice *on trending*
Mohammed Muaz
Mohammed Muaz Пре дан
The similarity btw 2b2t ans Scicraft is the way they have pushed Minecrafts limits
wyatt sellers
wyatt sellers Пре дан
You should make another flying island with the creat mod and this time make a windmill
Toby Fav
Toby Fav Пре дан
wait untill he finds out about the redstone link
Adyanth Mallur
Adyanth Mallur Пре дан
What happens whe hes inside and it turns upside down
Mr.slippery fish
Mr.slippery fish Пре дан
go in it whlie its moving
Jayboogie Пре дан
This would be a sick mod to use on a server similar to hermitcraft; the amount of creations and collaborations would be awesome
Snike Playz
Snike Playz Пре дан
Do this in hermit craft
HEROBRINE 521 Пре дан
I thought It would go down like an elevator 😖
Verxoul Link
Verxoul Link Пре дан
Bumbo Charrotoni
Draconic Duelist
Draconic Duelist Пре дан
6:15 Petition for Mumbo to add the Engineer Goggles to his base Minecraft Skin!
Ruv Пре дан
They should teach this in schools as a punishment.
Ibrahim Chishti
Ibrahim Chishti Пре дан
imagine building this cause u were too lazy to walk 150 blocks and break a dirt block
Bronte Aroha
Bronte Aroha Пре дан
What would that look like when your in the house
Alpha to Zulu
Alpha to Zulu Пре дан
im confused
Philip_opt Пре дан
Actualy, some German YouToubers are running a Create event, its not that active anymore, but maybe you can check out some interesting stuff from them ; )
Olga Tangal
Olga Tangal Пре дан
0:24: me when I try to learn redstone
Wyatt Went Wacho
Wyatt Went Wacho Пре дан
It’s currently 2:13 am. I’m going to bed
reyan ju888
reyan ju888 Пре дан
Who else thought that this house was for dream and not his DREAM house Like if you did (LIKE BECAUSE I KNOW YOU DID)
That Gen Z Kid
That Gen Z Kid Пре дан
11:53 Bottom left
reyan ju888
reyan ju888 Пре дан