What if Minecraft was Mechanical?
Mining for 100 Days in Minecraft
What if Zombies could do Redstone?
Hermitcraft in Minecraft VR
Пре 2 месеца
I made a Working TARDIS in Minecraft
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - BIG CHANGES!
I Build your SILLY Redstone Ideas! #23
Minecraft VS My New PC
Пре 2 месеца
Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know
Minecraft, But I can't stop Building
King RandomNinja203
King RandomNinja203 Пре 23 сата
tsukinohime3 Пре 23 сата
I thought redstone was confusing. My brains leaked out my ear and fell onto the floor. That stain is not coming out.
Reymond Bagnizal
Reymond Bagnizal Пре 23 сата
Zakh Пре 23 сата
You could make this a mod
nazvaniye Пре 23 сата
I found out earlier today that Mumbo Jumbo comes from African wife beating
Dastan Ibraheem Alhasani
Dastan Ibraheem Alhasani Пре 23 сата
Ern6789 Dummy
Ern6789 Dummy Пре 23 сата
I’ve played Minecraft my whole life and has NEVER crafted a ended chest
Ariq Darius
Ariq Darius Пре 23 сата
Show it to grian
John Crisbust
John Crisbust Пре 23 сата
Optifine 2 mod it does not look like minecraft
Kill Respectively
Kill Respectively Пре 23 сата
i find it adorable that your using vanilla redstone and Tflipflops and stuff, they have that in the mod as a block like comparator and plenty more, cant wait for the next vid on this
cactiZ RL
cactiZ RL Пре 23 сата
Yup...defo not complicated....at all...
Kenneth Stermer
Kenneth Stermer Пре 23 сата
Gravel when mining
Cpt Rexer
Cpt Rexer Пре 23 сата
if you like this, then your gonna LOVE immersive engineering
BoxGamingYT Пре дан
most secure bunker me: pickaxe go brrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hiru. Пре дан
itsnaflol Пре дан
His case is the ThermalTake Level 20 GT
What if Anime
What if Anime Пре дан
The non-euclidian Tardis
ojwebbo Пре дан
mumbo can you please do more of this.
Fuzed Cable
Fuzed Cable Пре дан
You should make a review library in Hermitcraft. Each person can submit a review for a store :)
Noodle Noms
Noodle Noms Пре дан
after mumbo did the gold crushing i realized "omg this man has never played modded minecraft he has no idea he has just doubled his ore output"
Whole lotta Whale
Whole lotta Whale Пре дан
Lil' Crazy Undee
Lil' Crazy Undee Пре дан
make a series this is amazing
Ye Пре дан
Prince wellie jay Burns
Prince wellie jay Burns Пре дан
Moving floor
ChickenDude Пре дан
Use kelp to make a bubble elevator :)
ThatTurtlesDude Пре дан
I seriously need more of this.
Blue galaxy S
Blue galaxy S Пре дан
I like this better than normal redstone
41solstice25 Пре дан
Hey Mumbo, have you tried Thaumcraft before? It has a deep technical side with its aesthetic, and promotes a more complex discovery system based gameplay to progress and make things. Progressing it you're enabled alchemy, golemancy, and wizard like abilities like zapping, flying, and unleashing hell bats before your enemies. You get to research the world, exploit it, go crazy, and wash your hands.
Billy Chimene
Billy Chimene Пре дан
hi they do have that in tex.
Laura White
Laura White Пре дан
It is called an earwig 😂🤫😅
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace Пре дан
Poggers for God..,.
Aston Marasigan
Aston Marasigan Пре дан
you will know when mumbo creates a mod if theres anything related with redstone and mobs
Andrew Hyde
Andrew Hyde Пре дан
Simon Ho
Simon Ho Пре дан
You should get rid of the healers first!
̣ Пре дан
Reminds me of Ugo-craft mod
McInnes Пре дан
As an American, I’m okay with you pronouncing stuff like an American, kinda like paints
Finley George
Finley George Пре дан
You should do the same thing in search of ancient debris
Juls Jumps
Juls Jumps Пре дан
Making water all the same level in a big space
Eliel Bourrelly
Eliel Bourrelly Пре дан
Yes, yes, yes... i think you get the point... witch is yes, do more of this!
Lucas Matthias Garcia
Lucas Matthias Garcia Пре дан
"There's a CHUTE" Mumbo Jumbo -2021
Julianna Angel Mangila
Julianna Angel Mangila Пре дан
Lucky mumbo whenever he dies and lost his armor or almost lost it grian and iskal helps him
Blaze Escape
Blaze Escape Пре дан
Mumbo's high pitched voice: 20:03
Speedy GamerTV
Speedy GamerTV Пре дан
you do know you canuse carpet
Speedy GamerTV
Speedy GamerTV Пре дан
as a floating button mechanic
Angela Lybbert
Angela Lybbert Пре дан
So i decided to look up the Bumbo cactoni urban dictionary, and Iskall's name is clickable! It says "a youtuber who got very salty when his name wasnt clickable" Example sentence: "hey Iskall85, you're really salty"
frog boy 21
frog boy 21 Пре дан
Zaahir Mohan
Zaahir Mohan Пре дан
am i the only one that saw “fuck this to activate the next rooms”?🙂
David Scott
David Scott Пре дан
15:11 whY waZ DaT soo GOOOD
Кирилл Вавилов
Кирилл Вавилов Пре дан
Hahahh try to get each patern of banner
kevin Пре дан
I would want a survival version over just creative. Have fun playing in survival in the rest of the hermitcraft season then I like to have like an survival of this once a week
Dylan’s Channel :]
Dylan’s Channel :] Пре дан
I think you should team up with Grian more, then you guys would be the KINGS of MineCraft building Like so he sees :D
wap Payne
wap Payne Пре дан
I want to see more of this
TraverseIce Пре дан
I feel like if someone were to fly over to the treasure island to dig, they’d find a shipwreck on the way and they’d get more diamonds from the shipwreck than the amount they would get by playing the game
Fey Пре дан
I've been messing around with Create for a hot second and I've thought more than once that the immense amount of possibilities would be fantastic for your style of content. I never commented because I figured everyone else would be pestering you about it (and was correct apparently) but I'm so glad this video is out. Please continue the series, I just know you would love messing about with this and there's nothing I love more in Minecraft than someone going "Can I use these items to do this?" and finding out you can. And that's what Create is all about, I think.
DefenderOfMinorities Пре дан
i love these videos because it goes from “build this at home” to “get a fucking instruction manual”
Legento Пре дан
I want Mumbo to make a clip speaking in an American accent that clip with scar cracked me up “paynts”
Eric Willson
Eric Willson Пре дан
Oh my the grafics ar braking
Fancy Doggo
Fancy Doggo Пре дан
Have you done the Origins mod? If not here’s a quick little break down; The origins mod is where at the beginning of the game, instead of starting out in a normal Minecraft world, instead you have the decision of different Origins that affect your gameplay in negatively and positively impact your gameplay. For example: The Enderian Origins is practically an enderman. You can teleport (With a slight cool down of course), but a drawback is you take damage from water (including rain) and there’s no way to get rid of the drawback. Also once you pick one your stuck as that one permanently. But only in that world, so if you want to try out all of them you have to make tons of different worlds. I realized this wasn’t quick but I hope you are a little interested in this mod. There’s a Merling Origins, which is practically like a dolphin, a Phantom which is practically like a.. well.. phantom, I already told you the enderian, there’s the Avian which is practically a chicken, etc. Each Origins has a different level of impact on your gameplay. Again I hope I encouraged not just Mumbo, but many others to try this mod. Thank you for your time - Fancy Doggo
ATacoGod Пре дан
Play in savvier
Rowena LiaLee Albania
Rowena LiaLee Albania Пре дан
can u make working mc GLaDOS
Marife Alingasa
Marife Alingasa Пре дан
HIM:This goes here and here and.... ME: •_•
Texas Chainsaw
Texas Chainsaw Пре дан
No one: Me acting like I understand what he’s doing
MRCATsu Пре дан
Now mumbo can ascend into ultimate mechanical master in minecraft
Curtis Ferrin
Curtis Ferrin Пре дан
Hytale should add stuff like this
LachieOverLord Пре дан
3:33 my good sir that is called an ABBA gate lol
Nick Zentgraf
Nick Zentgraf Пре дан
Victor Rivas
Victor Rivas Пре дан
Piston doors !!!😤👏
Pierre MLS
Pierre MLS Пре дан
So this is basically factorio without the pollution and in 3D
Sunset3439 Пре дан
and also vehicles
TheLightning Miner
TheLightning Miner Пре дан
watch this whole vid than realise they reset there nether for the nether update
Joey Catalino
Joey Catalino Пре дан
You forgot that you can also put one ender chest in there then fill it up with shulkers
Mário Ferreira
Mário Ferreira Пре дан
Plz make a Survival Series of this
Dylan’s Channel :]
Dylan’s Channel :] Пре дан
Chicken: My mum used *C A N N O N* for birth!
[GD] Kyan
[GD] Kyan Пре дан
10:03 “V E N E Z U E L A 2 0 1 7 N O I S E S” Explanation: Hyperinflation occurred in Venezuela in, you know 2017 Hyperinflation is when people realize that the money is going to be less valuable they try to spend as much as possible before when the cash gets less valuable due to the money production being very high and there’s too much money in the world.
Lenard Lozada
Lenard Lozada Пре дан
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson Пре дан
Mumbo the whole time: “yep”
Inedible_Fish Пре дан
lightning rod is definitely S tier you can make charged creepers to have mob head farms
DemonMaster16 Пре дан
Dont let him find scrap mechanic
Sunset3439 Пре дан
make episode 2 (trains)
Joseph Serpico
Joseph Serpico Пре дан
he is like a kid in a candy shop and could you make this into a series.
Verdiekus ___
Verdiekus ___ Пре дан
He explains everything, and yet I still don’t understand. Fortunately I have come up with a convenient explanation. Mumbo is a wizard who can make magic. I love watching your magic at work Mumbo, keep up the good work.